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vocal + gt. 小山田壮平 ba. 藤原寛 dr. 岡山健二 Andymori first formed in 2007, performing live at live houses in the Tokyo area. Their first big event was the Fuji Rock Festival in 2008, where they performed on the new artist stage. The band released their first EP "アンディとロックとベンガルトラとウィスキー" in October 2008, as the first new artist signed to Youth Records. This was followed by their full-length album in February 2009, "andymori".The lead single, "Follow Me," was chosen as an iTunes Single of the Week free download song in January. The band performed at many of the major summer festivals in...
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Boku ga Hakubishin Dattara
Crazy Claimer
Transit in Thailand
Zutto Groupie
Bagdad no Bodycount
Orange Train