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back number are a pop rock band from Ōta, Japan. In 2004, the band formed in the mind of Iyori Shimizu in Ōta, Gunma Prefecture. Though there were many member changes, it's been the same members from 2007 to now. On February 18th 2009 the first mini album 『逃した魚』(nogashita sakana) was released. TOWER RECORDS recommended item 「タワレコメン」(towarecomen), HMV recommended item 「HOT PICKS」for the first time, and featured in many other shops acrosss the country. June of 2010, the first album 『あとのまつり』(atonomatsuri) was released. Among others they established their status, drawing the line with their technique for lovely melody coupled...
Found 78 songs, duration: 05:22:13
back number
돌아와 Come Back to Me
わたがし (原曲歌手:back number)
わたがし +1Key(原曲歌手:back number)
わたがし +4Key(原曲歌手:back number)
怪盗 +4Key(原曲歌手:back number)
水平線(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:back number]
黄色 +5Key(原曲歌手:back number)
黄色 -1Key(原曲歌手:back number)
怪盗 -1Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Pale Blue +1Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
Take a Number
わたがし -3Key(原曲歌手:back number)
This Boy's Back in Town (feat. The Number Nein)
怪盗 (原曲歌手:back number)
青い春 -3Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Pale Blue -5Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
青い春 +4Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Pale Blue -2Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
怪盗 +3Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Coming Back Human
わたがし -4Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Coming Back for More
黄色 -2Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Pale Blue +2Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
わたがし +5Key(原曲歌手:back number)
黄色 (カラオケ)[原曲歌手: back number ]
Number One Back at the Office
わたがし -2Key(原曲歌手:back number)
青い春 +2Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Pale Blue -4Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
Back Number One
怪盗 +1Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Pale Blue +5Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
青い春 +5Key(原曲歌手:back number)
怪盗(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:back number]
黄色 +3Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Pale Blue +3Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
黄色 -5Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Give Me Back My Number
黄色 (原曲歌手:back number)
怪盗 -3Key(原曲歌手:back number)
黄色 +2Key(原曲歌手:back number)
Back to Home (Destination's Magic Number Mix)
Pale Blue +4Key(原曲歌手:米津玄師)
わたがし +3Key(原曲歌手:back number)
青い春 -4Key(原曲歌手:back number)