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back number are a pop rock band from Ōta, Japan. In 2004, the band formed in the mind of Iyori Shimizu in Ōta, Gunma Prefecture. Though there were many member changes, it's been the same members from 2007 to now. On February 18th 2009 the first mini album 『逃した魚』(nogashita sakana) was released. TOWER RECORDS recommended item 「タワレコメン」(towarecomen), HMV recommended item 「HOT PICKS」for the first time, and featured in many other shops acrosss the country. June of 2010, the first album 『あとのまつり』(atonomatsuri) was released. Among others they established their status, drawing the line with their technique for lovely melody coupled...
Found 182 songs, duration: 12:44:09
Happy End
Number One
Kimino Koibitoni Nattara
Number Five With A Bullet
Phantom thief
Number One
Back Together
Dai Fuseikai
Kimiga Door O Shimeta Ato
Shinjyayo Moumokudeare
Hikarino Machi
back number
Jyoen Jyoyuushou 2
Coming Back to Me
Hantoumei Ningen
Hansei Kyuukou Jitakuiki
Awato Hitsuji
Aoi Haru
Summer Wonderland
Hey! Brother!
Exhibition Death Match
Kuroi Nekono Uta
Monaural Fantasy
Ameto Bokuno Hanashi
Denshano Madokara
Bokuga Ima Dekirukotoo
Bird's Sorrow
Akarui Yoruni
Check No One Piece
Aoi Haru