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I owe a lot of people thanks for their support: Aaron Simpson, Audio Angel, Axiom, Ben Sage, Ben XO, Brian Frost [F Sound], Camo, D-Code, Doja, Dok, Dylan, Ed Rush, Elhornet, Eric [59 Crime], Evolve, Gamet, Genome, Gridlok, Hadji, InsideInfo, Jeryl, Krooked, Kryptic Minds, L Plus, Mackie, Mampi Swift, Mayhem, MC Duh, Mel @ S2K, Metrik, MissRepresent, Mindscape, Mumblz, Nightbreed, Phetsta, Ray Rampage, Reid Speed, Saejma, Shortee, Slim, Skitty, Sweet Tooth Promotions, Timid, Tri-Atom, Undecided, Vegas, Wezzler, all the old Hardcore crews lost in the fog of time, my impossibly understanding wife and anyone not listed that should be, thank...
Kiroro is a Japanese musical group out of Okinawa and is comprised of vocalist Chiharu Tamashiro and piano/keyboard player Ayano Kinjoh. Kiroro first debuted in 1996 as an independent band, and later made their major debut in 1998 with the song "Nagai Aida (長い間)". Eventually their song "Best Friend" was put into the very popular drama "Churasan" causing them to sprout even more fans. .
Rock/punk band Kiros are no strangers to the road. Being part of the Drive Thru Records Canadian Invasion tour, 2 headlining Canadian tours, The Absolute High School Assembly tour, the Canadian dates of the 2004 Vans Warped tour, and the entire 2005 Vans Warped tour, Kiros has taken their powerful, melodic, and driving sound all over North America, then back, and then back again! In 2005 alone, Kiros played over 150 shows! As an independent band, Kiros has successfully released a 2002 full length record (Counterproductive), and 2 E.P.s (Fight the Night 2004, Kiros 2005). In 2004, two music videos...
Chaotic fastcore punk from Finland. They existed from 1993 to 1999 and released several 7" vinyl EP's, splits and compilation tracks. Kirous were originally from the tiny eastern border town Joutseno, but later members migrated around Finland (Imatra, Mikkeli, Vantaa, Tampere). The band stopped after guitarist Ossi's death in a building fire. Kirous were: Antti - vocals (1993-1998, later The Rollstons) Teemu - vocals (1998, later the Stakeout, The Heartburns, Nazi Death Camp, Vaasankatu SS, etc) Perttu - vocals (1998 - 1999, Absurd Attitude, Ehtoollinen, later Ensam, Riistetyt, Unkind) Ossi (RIP 1999) - guitar (Katastrofialue) Toni - bass (Junkdrome, later...
Kirov rose from the ashes of post-rock project The Same But 100 Times Better in autumn of 2009, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The band soon thereafter began working on their debut album Ten Stories for Better You, which was released in May 2010. The band claims "down-to-earth songs" is the basis for their music; true stories, true emotions, and clear vocals. Kirov are commonly labelled as post-rock, indie, and space-rock. Members: Max Kubbe - guitar, vocals Alex Shmelev - pads, synths Vitaly Ovcharenko - drums Petr Ternovoy - bass, back vocals Andrey Vasilyev - guitar .
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Yugure Ni Utsushite
Cracker Shadow
Saruagari city pop
Anyone Nostalgia
The Blackout
Kuso Frappuccino
Rueful Smile
Yume no Tsubute
Love Letter
How Do You Feel
Saruagari city pop - From THE FIRST TAKE
Monologue - From THE FIRST TAKE
Bottoms call
Yume no Tsubute
Yugure Ni Utsushite
Cracker Shadow
My Light
Gomi Station blues