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Japanese producer/beatmaker/DJ from Kobe city .
1)Tofu is an Indonesian Group who already had 3 album Tofu (2001),Dua (2003),Dua (Neoformation) (2004) 2)Tofu is the pseudonym of Zack Wisner, a small time beat maker currently residing in Lexington, KY. Does Remixes, and beats of his own. Also DJ's on internet stations when he can get a gig. Tools include: Fruity Loops Studio 4, Hammerhead Rythm Station, and Virtual DJ. HAs a newly created website currently being developed, currently also dealing with errors changing hosting servers to remove the stupid annoyinf free hosting banner thingy. .
ELECTROPORNOSCUMGRIND!!!! Get their 2010 album, Orgazmik Holofukout for free from: (band sanctioned) Formed in Lithuania in 2004, EYETOFUK pukes about worldwide sex-slavery trafficking, drugs, fucking techniques, cheesy horrormovies, killing for greed and pornography! Musically influenced by: Fuckin' mighty SLAYER!!! Then fuckin bands that inspired EYETOFUK are: AUTOPSY, EATMYFUK, LIBIDO AIRBAG, MINCH, INTENSE SOAKED CLOTH, SKREW, PUNCTURE, DEAD WORLD, EXTREME NAPALM TERROR, TERRORIZER, IMPETIGO, XYSMA, O.L.D., G.G.F.H., MOTORHEAD, DISCHARGE, CELTIC FROST, AMOEBIC DYSENTERY, ABOSRANIE BOGOM, APHEX TWIN, Joey Beltram, PLASTIKMAN, T.RAUMSCHMIERE, DEAD WORLD, THE PRODIGY, MINISTRY, CHEMICAL BROTHERS, N.C.C., THE GREAT KAT, NAPALM DEATH, PANASONIC, PHANTOMSMASHER, FANTOMAS, BOLT THROWER, Chris...
Real Name: Claudio Rispoli, Alessandro Staderini, Francesco Farias Profile: Italian producer/DJ trio, started in 1992, blending jazz and funk roots with electronic house-influenced beats and effects. .
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Chinese Tofu Festival
Midnight Tofu 2
Bloody Mary
Chili Con Tofu
Senko and Tofu
Tofu Dog
Tofu Salad
Tofu racer
I Don't Wanna
Tofu delivery
Slow It Down
Acre Tofu
Acre Tofu
Take Me Back
Acre Tofu
Running Away
Killer Tofu (From "Doug")
Killa Tofu
Soft Tofu Bibimbap
The Tofu Drama
Tofu Disco
Onde Cê Vai?
Milano 4e20
Los Angeles
G fish Tofu
Insomniac Maniac
Sotto casa tua
Tofu Trio
Tofu Unharvested
Soft Tofu Bibimbap
Essa Vez