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Thomas Helsloot (1984) and Erik Roos (1984) met each other at school and soon found out they had a shared passion for music, especially the kinds you could dance to! This passion became an important part of their friendship. Throughout the years not only their friendship grew but also their knowledge, skills and possibilities to play (during numerous gigs as DJ’s) and produce music. It was early 2005 they decided to see where in the world their music could bring them, the Remaniax were born! The music industry was a hard business to get into, but the small successes and...
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Can U Digg It
Invisible Bits
Floatation (Original Mix)●
Remaniax - So High (Kid Massive Audiodamage Mix)
Star Bestiole (Dj Baur & Dj Nejtrino Mash Up Mix)
Afterthought (Original Mix)
I'm not alone (Remaniax rmx)
Blazin (Disfunktion Mix)
Wreck The Dj (DiscoDen inQiev Remix) [House 2011]
Bestiole (Remaniax Re-Edit)
So High
Afterthought (Original Mix)Compilation MC ENERGY
Bestiole - Remaniax Re-Edit
Dayz Like This
Driveby (Original Mix)
Afterthought (Original mix)
Afterthought (Original Mix) Mix
Festival Of Love (Original Mix)
So High_&_always(Alex_Pafos_ rmx)
- Festival Of Love (Instrumental Mix)
Can U Digg It
Wreck The DJ
Bestiole (Original Mix)
So High (Cosgrave Project Mix)
Pimpin' (Cut)
Blazin (Fran Cosgrave.. Ethan Project Mix)
Lady (Remaniax Radio Mix)
Wreck The DJ
Wreck The DJ
Blazin (Disfunktion Mix)
Wreck The DJ
Wreck The DJ
Afterthought (Original Mix)
Festival Of Love (Instrumental Mix) (Digital24)
Lady (Remaniax remix)
Wreck The DJ(DJ 6torm!! MashUp)
– So High (Tom & Grade Remix)
Bestiole (Original Mix)