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Foals are a rock band which formed in Oxford, England in 2005. The band consists of Yannis Philippakis (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Smith (guitar), Walter Gervers (bass), Edwin Congreave (keyboards) and Jack Bevan (drums). The band has released four albums: "Antidotes" (2008), "Total Life Forever" (2010), "Holy Fire" (2013) and "What Went Down" (2015). The band was formed in 2005 by Philippakis and Bevan, both former members of math rock band The Edmund Fitzgerald, and Andrew Mears of Youthmovies. Mears left the band after their first single to focus on Youthmovies. In early 2007, the band released the limited edition 7"...
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Two Moon Junction
Scared of Me
Cool Arms of Love
Trabolgan Acid
Chicken Switch
The Medium Is the Masseuse
Cutty's Advice
Greyscale Dreamcoat
Gleaming the Cube
Cream Soda
My Friends Have Lost Their Way
Hard Rime Lattice
Spike the Punch
Foals Run Wild
Licking the Foil
It's Grafton Street!
Heavy Petting
Skeleton Jet
Tucker’s Luck
Monkey Puzzle
Yazd Pashmak
Settler's Debt
Never Knew (feat. Si Schroeder)
Calcium Carbonate
As Hot as Fresh Milk
Water from the Wound
Cash for Gold
The Woods
Your First On Both Sides
Thumbtack Alley
Beware of Pure Death
Piss Into the Smash
Gesponnen Zucker
The Son Is the One (feat. Rupert Morris)
Slab Serif