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Found 77 songs, duration: 02:25:07
09 - Boss Theme
Auf Wiedersehen Monty - Main Theme
Friday the 13th - Medley
Track 1 (Happyxmas OST)
Track 5 (Happyxmas OST)
Menu (GoRTS OST)
Ropes N Roper
08 - Foot Clan Caverns
01 - Title Theme
Stage 5 (Over Horizon NES)
03 - Sewers
04 - Mini Boss
Bermuda Triangle
Missile Mayhem
SpeedRun on Blag Alley
Logo, Title, Introes
Glomgold's Ship (Last Level)
Boss Theme (Batman)
Boss: Big Blag
10 - The End
Player Select, Tail of the Ratship
Niagara Falls
Boss: Abobo, Level Complete, Boss Defeat
Taito Logo, Title Screen (Target Renegade)
06 - Underwater
Stage 3 (Over Horizon)
Stage 2 (Over Horizon)
Main Theme (Yie Ar Kung-Fu Cover)
Stage 4 (Over Horizon NES)
Stage 2 (Thunderbirds)
TMNT 05 - Dam
Junkyard (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Stage 3 (Thunderbirds NES/Famicom/Денди)
Size 19*19 (GoRTS OST)
House Theme 1 (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Ace Chemical Plant Theme Cover ("Batman" NES OST)
Size 13*13 (GoRTS OST)
Streets of Desolation (Batman NES)
Size 9*9 (GoRTS OST)
Last Boss (Ducktales 2)