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One of the best 60’s reviver bands in the world and main reference of the Reggae movement since their flying saucer landed to stay, more than 12 years ago.

Their American fans are by thousands, and it was in Mexico City where they gathered, in 2009, in a single massive concert, his followers of the continent. The old Europe surrenders to their spanish lyrics, these guys have taken proudly their home city name (Granada) all over the known universe. Their 2011 single ‘Por Mucho Que Pasen Los Años / A 6.000.000 de Años Luz’ was sold out within weeks of...
Canadians are a band from Verona, Italy. The members are Duccio Simbeni (Vocals/ Guitar), Massimo Fiorio (Bass), Michele Nicoli (Guitar), Vittorio Pozzato (Keyboards/ Guitar) and Christian Corso (Drums). They formed in 2005 and released the self-produced debut EP “The North Side of Summer” the same year. The EP was well received by fans and gained critical acclaim from the indie press. In 2006 the band entered and won Heineken’s 'Jammin’ Competition; a competition to find the best new bands in Italy. Later that year Canadians were recognised by the NME as a band to look out for. More positive press...
Young Canadians (originally The K-Tels) were a Vancouver punk rock band active for just under two years. The YC's were influenced not only by the other punk bands in town at that time such as D.O.A. and the Pointed Sticks, but also by the Dolls, Stooges, and 60s garage rock. Although the band only recorded two EPs and a 7" single before breaking up, their single "Hawaii" is one of the classic Canadian punk anthems. .
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Pretty Dolly
Shangri La
We Not Leaving
Shangri La (Instrumental)
Miss Grindin
No Holla Back Girl
Party People Anthem
No Pressure (Instrumental)
Admiring Me
Admiring Me
Caribbean Girl
One Island
Love My Life (Meri Zindagi)
Silent Freak
As My Pen Drops
Chica (Responce Riddim)
Coming Back Fuh Yuh
Shiver (Antilles Riddim)
Start The Race (Piton Riddim)
No Pressure
Yuh Really Wanna (Lavway Riddim)
Keep Whining
Bumper's Rule
Jiggle Like Dat
Ready For My Lovin (Teardrops Riddim)
The Anthem
Making Up
Mind Your Business
Do You Remember