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Solids may refer to: 1) A rock band from Montreal, Canada. 2) An Australian improv trio. 3) A Japanese fictional idol group. 1) Solids are Xavier Germain-Poitras & Louis Guillemette. The duo formed in 2009 in Montreal and have since released an EP called 'Generic Dogs EP'. It's available on their Bandcamp. 2) "A mass exodus of Perth characters to Melbourne in the mid-'90's led to (Julian) Williams forming classic Australian improv trio Solids. Beginning as a warped, wracked pop outfit, whose early releases betrayed strong influences from The Fall and other early '80's acts whose music expanded from pop...
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Tempted(Extended Mix)
The Solid Rock
Bounce Me Brother With A Solid Four
Remember Me
Deep Nation Moving Up
Pushing Up(Original Mix)
World of Emptiness
World of Emptiness
Guð, tú ið tendraði mána og sól
Pega Duro el Sol
8 Foot 2, Solid Blue
8 Foot 2, Solid Blue
Solid (feat. Jae Cash)
All That Is Solid Etc.
8 Foot 2, Solid Blue
A Solid Song About Northampton
Black Holes (Solid Ground)
Solid State Playmate
Solid Cervezas
Solid Rock
Solid Ground
Rock Solid
Solid as a Rock
Solid Number
Back to Solid Ground
Sculpture No Solid
Flow Solid