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Two artists! 1) Llama is an alternative rock band hailing from Nashville, TN. (Llama is also the name of a band featuring Rusty Willoughby, former frontman and guitarist of Flop and Pure Joy.) It was formed in 1998 by three sixteen-year-old friends, Ben Morton, Neil Mason, and Ben Brown, who then called themselves the Dahlia Llamas. They began playing regular gigs at Guido's, a local pizzeria (being underage, there were few other places they could perform). There they were discovered by MCA, and went on to tour with artists such as Béla Fleck and O.A.R. During their time together, Llama...
Llama Farmers sprung into existence in a school classroom in Greenwich, London sometime in 1996. Friends William Briggs and Brooke Rogers, bored of algebra, asked the 14 year old Jennie Simpson to join them on bass in their then nameless band. On her first rehearsal Jennie brought along her older brother, Bernie Simpson, for moral support but by the end of the rehearsal he too had been recruited on guitar and vocals. A Chilean friend at school, who the band had nicknamed ’Llama Farmer’, gave them their somewhat unusual (and slightly racist) monicker. After only a handful of gigs in...
NOISE / DRONE project started in 2003 by Heath Moerland, also the operator of the Michigan-based label "Fag Tapes". He also goes by the moniker Barf Thoth and Heath Moerland hymself. http://fagtapes.bandcamp.com/ http://fagtapes.blogspot.com.es/ http://www.discogs.com/artist/497036 .
With 25 films and over 450 episodes of television to his credit, Eric is the epitome of the working composer. Independent features, network shows, tv movies, reality television and animation - Eric has done it all. And while he is classically trained and has the chops to write an opera - and in fact has composed two - he can also, like most top-tier composers, write almost any style of music... whatever the picture calls for. Born in Missouri, Eric grew up in Orange County, CA, which, by the way, is not called "The O.C." by anyone who hails from...
Shaman usa un sombrero que mandó a hacer a medida y tiene un cuadro de Sonny Williamson II en la cocina. Dulcemente inquietantes, los Hombres en Llamas se comunican con la tierra madre. Mini sitio en LAPTRA Purevolume .
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28 Weeks Later Theme
Complejo De Llamarada
Cuando Me Llamas
Ni una Llamada
Si Me Llamas
Miami Me Llama
Mona's Song
O Como Algunos Llaman, Kosm
Throne Crusher
Llama Limbo
Deus Ex
El Llamado
No Me Llamas
Hands to Wave
Se Llama Cali
Where Is My Mind?
Fly Baby, Fly
Eye-Chest People's Dance Ritual
Realidad En Llamas
El Amor Se Llama Contraste
Llamaré y Tú me Responderás
Los Tambores Te Llaman
Dolores Se Llamaba Lola
Camino de Llamas
Esta Llama
Ya Llegó El Ardor
Si Me Llaman (feat. Stee Ferrer)
La Llamada De Mi Ex
Esta Llama
Personal Guard Llama
La Llamada De Mi Ex