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Most of remixed songs are tagged as remix, but Remix are also a rock band from Latvia. Founded in 1985 as a band of Latvian Radio with the line-up: Rodrigo Fomins (a.k.a. Igo) - lead vocalist Aivars Hermanis - guitars Jevgenijs Scapovs - bass guitar (until '88) Uldis Marhilēvičs - keyboards/vocals Vilnis Krieviņš - percussion Harijs Bass - keyboards (until '86) Eduards Glotovs - bass guitar (since '88) They all were high-skilled musicians and that was the key of their achievements and popularity in Latvia, whole USSR and even Eastren and part of Western Europe. In the beginning Remix were...
Retro Remix Revue was started by two young guys in Los Angeles, USA; Davis Jones, a recording engineer and mixer, and Blaine McGurty, a keyboardist and arranger/composer. Working together in Davis' studio they created Retro Remix Revue as a project that revisits classic gaming music from the late 80's to the mid 90's. Music from popular game companies such as Nintendo, Sega and Capcom is newly interpreted and the music from major franchises such as Mario, Sonic, F-Zero, Donkey Kong, Mega Man, Zelda, etc. is played by the industry's finest professional musicians. Retro Remix Revue covers a plethora of different...
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Всё переживём (Remix)
Đào Nương (VUX Lofi Remix)
Малиновый закат (Remix)
Давай взорвём (G-Pol Remix)
Двигай (Remix)
Ясный мой свет (Velum Remix)
Падал белый снег (Safaryan Remix)
Байкал (Remix)
Чёрные глаза (r.n.b. remix)
Тай (Techno Project & Geny Tur Remix)
Бьёт бит (Ivan Spell Remix)
черный lexsus (karmv remix)
Услышит весь район (Zuffer Remix)
Он не знает ничего
Running Up That Hill
Густой дым (Remix)
Ни о чём (Dmitriy Rs Remix)
Слёзы (Vadim Adamov & Safiter Remix)
А чё чё (Lavrushkin & Silver Ace Remix)
We Join The Army
А я всё такой... (XM Remix)
Rough Soul
Небо над землей (remix)
Шалава (ремикс)
Волна [DJ Antoine & Yoko Remix]
За цвет голубых очей (Remix)
Lay Lay (Akra Remıx)
Ай я е (Razus Remix)
Empire State Of Mind
Вытри слёзы (Shreds Owl Remix)
The Kings Affirmation
Полёт с тобой (Dmitriy Rs Remix)
Улыбочка (Ремикс)
По волнам (Ektonix Remix)
Как В Первый Раз (Denis First Remix)
Самый, самый (Remix)
Лезгинка (ремикс)
Юность (ремикс)