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1. Lucky Star is an italian Girlgroup that were created on the talent show Superstar Tour (The second serie of POPSTARS in Italy) It may also be an name for a soundtrack by 平野綾 and other. If so, please fix your tags. 2. Lucky Star is an electronic producer from London, UK who is up and coming in today's fast paced and ever-changing EDM music. .
Lucky Soul are not just a six-piece pop group from South East London, they are a bag of contradictions. Their intricate, insanely addictive pop seems effortless but is painstakingly, meticulously crafted; and even when the second album A Coming of Age seems to speak of sweet, uncomplicated love, you’ll find it to be actually doused in heartache and existential angst. Think of the barbed lyrics of a latter day Brian Wilson run through a magpie-esque pop sensibility taking in Stax, Motown, Edith Piaf, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, The Arcade Fire, Scott Walker... The first swirls of what would become Lucky Soul...
Stuck Lucky is dirty and they have really gross dining habits, but they make some friggin’ kick ass music. They come from the territory known as Thrasville, Tennessee. Stuck Lucky has one goal: to put on great live shows. They play with their hearts in front of 400 people or 4 drunk moms who have no idea how they got to the show. Raw. Ska. Punk. Their latest full length Possum Soul was released through Community Records on vinyl and CD. Six of the songs are up for free download from the free music section.. They also have a 7″...
Alfonzo Hunter is an American R&B/Soul singer from Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Hunter released his debut album "Blacka Da Berry" in 1996. It includes the hits "Just The Way (Playas Play)" and "Weekend Thang." His sophomore album was soon to follow. However, with his label Def Squad Records moving to Motown from EMI, it left him unable to release the album. During the next dacade, Hunter was able to overcome this setback by continuing this music career as an independent music artist. He is currently on Big Zo Entertainment. Visit for the latest on his and his music. .
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Diana ft. Lucky Fonz III
Praat erover
Door door door
Alles moet weg
Christmas Lights in a Cave
Alles om je heen
In Your Underwear
Een prachtige relatie
Station Wagon
Een klein beetje dood
Ik ben een sukkel
All My Days
The Mermaid
De Toegift