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Some of those that think that they've never heard of Leslie Mills may be wrong. Perhaps some twenty-somethings will experience nostalgia when they listen to a track from 'Different for Girls. Mills' tracks have featured in a number of movie soundtracks, some of which may have been childhood favourites. 'Radiowave' and 'Making My Way' in particular, were featured in the 2003 MyScene 'Jammin' in Jamaica' film. Leslie Mills is an American singer-songwriter from Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky. She got her start in the 90s with the band To The Moon Alice. Her last studio album "Falling off the World" was released...
In the course of the eighties Jeff Mills was an influential radio DJ on WJLB under the pseudonym The Wizard. Mills' sets were a highlight of the nightly show from "The Electrifying Mojo," Charles Johnson. Complimenting Mojo's eclectic playlists, Mills would spin obscure detroit techno, hiphop, electro, freestyle, miami bass, chicago house and classic new wave tracks. In going on to create his own music Mills is credited with laying the foundations for legendary detroit techno collective, Underground Resistance, alongside 'Mad' Mike Banks, a former Parliament bass player. Just like Public Enemy did some years before in hiphop, these men...
The Windmills were Tony Pankhurst, Roy Thirlwall, Dan Pankhurst and Rob Clarke. They dragged themselves from the Thames Estuary mud many years ago, learned to walk, invented the wheel and fashioned simple instruments from electricity and firewood. Turn your face to the watery English sun and you might pick up their lovelorn and bitter primordial twitchings drifting with the mist over the Essex flatlands. .
EARLY HISTORY Schneiderman's entertainment career began in high school where she merged an interest in singing and theater, which included lead roles in musicals and plays, as well as mastering piano, guitar and french horn. By age 18 she was fronting a cover band and went on to perform with Body and Soul, the region's top Motown/old school funk act. Despite performing for crowds of up to 15,000, Schneiderman was dreaming about starting a solo career and in 1999 left to become a full-time singer/songwriter. During that first year Schneiderman won the grand prize in The Lilith Fair competition and...
Established Canadian-born Producer embarks on his first solo release. Following in the great Canadian singer-songwriter tradition, singer/piano player Trey Mills' heartfelt songs and voice have drawn comparisons to Damien Rice, Snow Patrol, James Blunt, and Daniel Powter. His influences include fellow Canadians such as Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen. Over the past five years, Trey Mills has risen to the top ranks of the Canadian music industry, having produced and mixed ten Top 30+ BDS hits while writing or co-writing six of them. When Trey's busy schedule allows, he has continued to pursue...
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Sweet Sensation
Dean's Lady (Song for Stephanie)
Latin Lover
Latin Lover
Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin'
Feel The Fire (Feat. Stephanie Mills)
Stephanie Mills - (You're Puttin') A Rush On Me
Free (the Layabouts Vocal Mix)
The Closer I Get To You
Free (Louie Vega Vocal Remix)
Never Knew Love Like This Before
Free (Louie Vega Mix)
Latin Lover (MAW 12" Mix)
Take Me In Your Arms Tonight
Never Knew Love Like This Befo
I Never Knew Love Like this Before
Try My Love
Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin' (Re-Groove Mix)
Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin' (Re-Groove Mix)
Never knew love like this before
Latin Lover (MAW 12inch Mix)
Latin Lover (MAW 12' Mix)
Latin Lover
Never Knew Love Like This Before
Latin Lover
Latin Lover
Never Knew Love Like This Before
I feel good/Home acapella (Stephanie Mills cover)
I feel good/Home acapella (Stephanie Mills cover)
Heart To Heart (With Stephanie Mills)
Stephanie Mills_Two Heart
A Rush On Me (Stephanie Mills)
Ru§h FEAT Stephanie Mills
Stephanie Mills - Never Knew Love Like This Before
Stephanie Mills-Never Knew Love Like This Before
The Closer i Get To You (feat. Stephanie Mills)