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Homepage: http://8bitoperators.com The new album is available as the full 16 track download (plus 1 bonus track) at http://8bitops.com 8-Bit Operators full catalog on Amazon: http://amzn.to/8bitopsmp3 and on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/8-bit-operators-the-music/id212547461 / http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/8-bit-operators-wanna-hld/id341305586 8-bit Operators is the joint name for a group of several notable international chiptune artists. They released "The Music of Kraftwerk" together, an album containing lo-bit covers of the famous German electronic band, on the Astralwerkd/EMI label. They have just completed "WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD", a micro-chipmusic Beatles Tribute available on iTunes and at 8bitops.com. LastFM 8BitOps' Kraftwerk album page: http://www.last.fm/music/Various+Artists/8-Bit+Operators Almost 2 full years in the making,...
Starcade is Per Sterud, born in 1972 in Västerås, Sweden, and raised in the United States. With a breadth of influences, he has been experimenting with electronic music off and on for over two decades. .
Renowned for their potent a cappella vocals and intricate close harmonies, Swan Arcade was a leading light of the British folk revival, drawing upon gospel, blues, and pop music traditions to create a unique bridge between past and present. Swan Arcade was led by Yorkshire native Dave Brady, who began singing traditional folk songs in local pubs while still in his teens. After losing an arm in a motorcycle accident at age 19, he was forced to abandon the guitar but was still able to play the concertina. At a Leeds folk club Brady met his future wife, Heather, and...
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My Type (8-Bit Saweetie Emulation)
Calma (16-Bit Pedro Capó & Farruko Emulation)
Nightmare (8-Bit Halsey Emulation)
Love Shot (8-Bit EXO Emulation)
Boom (8-Bit X Ambassadors Emulation)
Stripped (8-Bit Rammstein Emulation)
Ausländer (8-Bit Rammstein Emulation)
Mantra (8-Bit Bring Me the Horizon Emulation)
Shotta Flow (8-Bit NLE Choppa Emulation)
8bit Arcade
Sweet Dreams
Surfin' (8-Bit Stray Kids Emulation)
Jealous (8-Bit Eyedress Emulation)
Next Level (8-Bit Aespa Emulation)
Nobody (8-Bit Mitski Emulation)
Numb (Encore)
Still with You (8-Bit Jungkook Emulation)
Advice (8-Bit Taemin Emulation)
Paparazzi (8-Bit Kim Dracula Emulation)
Daechwita (Suga) [8-Bit Agust D Emulation]
Funny Thing (8-Bit Thundercat Emulation)
Washing Machine Heart (8-Bit Mitski Emulation)
Black Mamba (8-Bit Aespa Emulation)
Loser Lover (8-Bit Tomorrow X Together Emulation)
Still with You (8-Bit Jungkook Emulation)
Cure for Me (8-Bit Aurora Emulation)
Ich hasse Kinder (8-Bit Till Lindemann Emulation)
Radio (8-Bit Rammstein Emulation)
Thunder Struck (8-Bit ACDC Emulation)
Radio (8-Bit Computer Game Version)
Du Hast (1998) [8-Bit Rammstein Emulation]
Dancin (8-Bit Aaron Smith & Krono Emulation)
Hot Girl Bummer (8-Bit Blackbear Emulation)
Mammamia (8-Bit Måneskin Emulation)
In the End
NDA (8-Bit Billie Eilish Emulation)
Venom (8-Bit Eminem Emulation)
Doin' Time (8-Bit Lana Del Rey Emulation)
Step Back (8-Bit GOT the Beat Emulation)
La Di Die (8-Bit Nessa Barrett & jxdn Emulation)
Killshot (8-Bit Eminem Emulation)
Mad Love (8-Bit Mabel Emulation)
DHL (8-Bit Frank Ocean Emulation)
Mount Everest (8-Bit Labrinth Emulation)
2 Minus 1 (8-Bit Seventeen Emulation)
Bored (8-Bit Billie Eilish Emulation)
Sweet Dreams (16-Bit Marilyn Manson Emulation)
Butterfly (8-Bit Demi Lovato Emulation)