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Shortly after Mark befriended Derrick Carter in 1988 at a record store in Chicago, his passion for House music, and sharing it with the world, exploded. Mark experimented with a deeper style, dropping De La Soul, disco classics and other stuff that wasn’t being played in the main rooms of nightclubs. While exploring his love for the purist forms of House Music, Mark developed his trademark style: Mushroom Jazz; acid jazz infused with the West Coast’s jazzy, organic productions combined with urban beats. Fans embraced Mark’s downtempo style so much that he started a weekly Mushroom Jazz club night in...
Mark Ronson (born 4 September 1975) is a sought-after producer, who's worked with such diverse artists as Jay-Z, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Duran Duran and comedian Jimmy Fallon. Born in London, he is the son of writer Ann Dexter-Jones and real estate tycoon Laurence Ronson. His mother later married Mick Jones, lead guitarist of multiplatinum selling rock band Foreigner. He has two sisters: fashion designer Charlotte Ronson and DJ Samantha Ronson. He spent his childhood in a wealthy suburb of London where he lived on the same street as Paul McCartney‘s...
More than one artist goes by the name Mark B: 1) Hip Hop Producer from the UK. Mark B (real name: Mark Barnes) is from Kingston, South West London. Or as he calls it, 'K Boro' (the Royal Borough of Kingston) which he has also named his self owned independent record label. Mark B has produced & collaborated with the likes of: Blade, TaskForce, Skinnyman, M.U.D Family, AL Tariq & Missin Linx (nyc) Special Teamz (Boston) Slaine (La Coka Nostra) Arsonists (nyc) Mojo The Cinematic of Dujeous (nyc) Swollen Members (Canada) Lewis Parker, Rodney P, MC Mello, MCM - Caveman,...
Biz Markie is an East Coast hip hop artist, DJ and world-renowned Human Beat Boxer, best known for humorous singles like "Just a Friend" and "Pickin' Boogers." and his pre-MTV hit "Vapors". He has been labeled The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop. His career began in the 1980s. In 1992, Biz recorded a song called "Alone Again," but Gilbert O'Sullivan claimed the track featured an unauthorized sample of his hit "Alone Again (Naturally)," and served Biz papers. His career was quite damaged from the lawsuit, and Biz ducked out of the harshest glare of the limelight for the remainder of the...
MARK MUFFIN is a Japanese rock band which was created in 2005. The members are Akito Nishino (ex.Voy​age, Pt.) as a Vocalist and Guitarist, Masayuki Moriyama (ex.Wyse) as a Guitarist, Yoshio Kuroyanagi (SOPHIA) as a bassist (Left in 2008), and RONZI (BRAHMAN) as a drummer. They released the first single called "Melancholy" and released the first full album "turn" on February 2008. .
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It's so Good
The Reason (Roog And Greg Remix)
I'd Rather B
I'd Rather B
Не Падай Духом
Get Money
We Are Nowhere
We Are Nowhere
Free To Fly
Не Падай Духом
Been Where I Been (feat. Baby Stone & JD Trouble)
A Ella Le Gusta Lo Caro
Lost In Space
Come Dance
I Hear You
Sunset Boulevard
It's so Good
Minimal Emotion
We Gon Ride
Dark Love
Не Падай Духом
We Gon Ride
Sunset Boulevard
Pepole Communication
The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula
Shahmen Mark Slowed Version
Destiny vs. Electronic Malfunction
Asato (Mark Dekoda Remix)
Ozone (Original Mix)
Mark Wrecked Speaker remix Dn'B 2008г.