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Jason Mraz (born June 23, 1977 in Mechanicsville, Virginia) is a Grammy-winning American singer-songwriter. Mraz’s stylistic influences include reggae, pop, rock, folk, jazz, and hip hop. Mraz released his debut album, Waiting for My Rocket to Come in 2002 but it was not until the release of his second album, Mr. A-Z that Mraz achieved commercial success. The album peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 200 and sold over one hundred thousand copies in the US. In 2008, Mraz released his third studio album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. The album debuted at number three on...
The thing about getting to know Jason Gray is that you immediately want to share him with other people. In that way Jason is a lot like a good movie, or a great book, or some barely discovered band whose music makes you remember what it was you liked about music in the first place. Which brings us full circle, because Jason’s unique brand of emotional, thought-provoking, alternative-pop is that sort of music, and listening to it isn’t much different than having Jason Gray sitting in your living room and telling you what’s on his mind. In either case, you...
Born July 22, 1969, Jason Becker is a neo-classical guitarist who achieved fame at age 16 as a technical virtuoso and guitar prodigy. As part of the Mike Varney-produced duo Cacophony (with Marty Friedman, who later achieved fame in legendary thrash metal band Megadeth), Jason released two albums: Speed Metal Symphony (1987) and Go Off! (1988). He also released a solo album titled Perpetual Burn in 1988. Now aged 20, he was asked to join David Lee Roth's band and recorded A Little Aint Enough (1990). Unfortunately while gearing up for a 1990 tour, he began to feel weakness in...
For anyone looking to brand Jason Aldean as part of a significant musical movement, good luck. There’s a lot about the singer that’s become familiar during his five years as a country hitmaker, after all, he has spent more weeks at #1 on the radio charts than any other country artist in the last 12 months. But none of what he does comes out quite like anyone else. The blues-tinged licks at the end of his phrases—there’s a ring of familiarity about them, but you can’t really link them to another artist. The smoky guitar riffs that have become a...
Jason Paige is a talented voice artist who has sung innumerous jingles and even been on tour with such artists as Enrique Iglesias, Ashanti, and Ricky Martin. His ever-famous solo, however, is the Pokémon Theme. His voice writing and production successfully spans many creative frontiers of music and theatre from Pop to Jazz, Hip-Hop to Rock, Soul to Country and beyond. Jason’s one-man show, performed at the 2007 L.A. Comedy festival, is filled with socio-political sexual-logical musical parody, confessions, and impersonations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a vocalist Jason shared the stage with Michael Jackson as the rap soloist for the hit song...
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I Know What Love Is (Because of You)
I'm Yours
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
I Won't Give Up
I'm Yours (Originally Performed by Jason Mraz)
Green Lights & Blue Skies
Right Now Not Tomorrow
One Hell of a Memory
I Miss the Mississippi and You
Green Lights & Blue Skies
Look for the Good (16-Bit Jason Mraz Emulation)
A Place in the Choir
Look for the Good (8-Bit Jason Mraz Emulation)