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Yasuhiro "Yas" Takagi (高木 保浩) (somestimes credited as Yasuhiro Takagi (SEGA) ) is among the oldest of Sega's sound team members and perhaps best known as the Sound Director for Shenmue II. His earliest work with the company was for Turbo OutRun, where he worked with renowned Sega composer Hiroshi Kawaguchi. Unlike Hiro, whom he has worked with since joining Sega in the late '80s, Takagi's roles have been largely in the background. Part of SEGA Sound Team & member of Sega's in-house band [H.] .
Around 1975, I taught myself how to play, in my own way, with the sound devices around me (musical instruments, turntables, tape recorders, furniture or anything). About 1981, I began to compile my work as an album on cassette tape, and loaned it to my friends. In 1986, I bought a synthesizer. From then, rather than creating sound collage work, my improvised playing increased, until around 1990, when my sound work slowed down. In 1994, I began to make DTM (DeskTop Music) with newly bought sequencer software and a PCM sound module for my Mac. I then made about one...
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Yasuhiro Misawa
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The Road To...
The Wall of Fate
Evil Festival
Bloodshed to Repeat
Kotoura-San Prologue
Great Red Spirit
Fate Corrodes Me
Kotoura-San Prologue
koko ga tengokuda! R
Heijou Untenchuu
Kawanakajima ~Sengoku2 Mix~
Renai Kenkyuu ~Repouto 5
Kawanakajima ~Samurai Warriors 2 Mix~
Tsuuhou Shimashita
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