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Well known for their rendition of basse danse, which are Monophonic songs based on a tenor cantus firmus; the length of the choreography was often derived from popular chansons. In performance, 3 or 4 instrumentalists would improvise the polyphony based on this tenor. In others, multiple parts were written, though in the style of the day choices regarding instrumentation were left to the performers. Most famous, perhaps, are the Basse Danses assembled in 1530 by Pierre Attaingnant that remain today in "The Attaingnant Dance Prints", which included parts for four voices which were typically improvised upon by adding melodic embellishment...
The Collegium Aureum is an instrumental ensemble founded in 1962 in Germany. It is a loose association of soloists and conservatory teachers founded by the Freiburg-based record company Harmonia Mundi. From its beginnings the ensemble dedicated itself to the task of reviving historical performance practices in order to convey an impression of the music's authentic sound. This "resurrected court orchestra" plays works of the Baroque, the Classical, as well as the Romantic periods on historical instruments. The string players use valuable original instruments from the 18th century, and the wind players also use copies of old instruments, thus achieving a...
Collegium Musicum is an art-rock band from Czechoslovakia and was established by stable member Marián Varga 1969. Prevalent in the band´s repertory are instrumental compositions, comprising re-interpretations of classical music themes (Haydn, Bartók, Stravinskij ...), and original compositions bearing the first signs of artistic post-modernism (Euphony from the album Convergencie). The story of this band was published in book by musician and music reviewer Marián Jaslovský. Star formation of Collegium Musicum were Marián Varga (hammond organ, keyboards, piano), bassguitarist Fedor Frešo and drummer Dušan Hájek. Collegium Musicum played in various formations, also with guitarists Rasťo Vacho (from Blues Five), Pavel...
The Bach Collegium Japan (BCJ) is an orchestra and chorus specialising in Baroque music. It was founded in 1990 by Masaaki Suzuki, a Japanese organist, harpsichordist and conductor. Since 1995 the Bach Collegium Japan have produced 40 recordings in a series of Johann Sebastian Bach's cantatas on the BIS label. The Bach Collegium Japan holds an annual concert series of Bach's cantatas and a number of instrumental programmes. BCJ has appeared at major festivals in cities such as Santiago de Compostela, Tel Aviv, Leipzig and Melbourne in 2000, the 250th. anniversary of Bach's death. In recent years BCJ has given...
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Bach - Concerto d-Moll BWV 1052R - 2. Adagio
Die goldne Sonne (Helmuth Rilling)
Amadis des Gaules: "Andante gracioso"
Mass in G Major, BWV 236: Gloria
The Seasons, Hob XXI:3: Autumn - Introduction
Amadis des Gaules: "Larghetto"
Sonatina in G Major, BWV 182
The last seven words of Christ, Hob XX:2
The Seasons, Hob XXI:3: Winter - Inroduction
Symphony in G Major, BWV 174
Amadis des Gaules: "Tambourin"
Amadis des Gaules: "Overture"
Mass in G Major, BWV 236: Cum Sancto Spiritu
Amadis des Gaules: "Gavotte I"
Elias, Op. 70, MWV A25: Ouverture
Mass in A Major, BWV 234: Cum Sancto Spiritu