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The Sydney based four and sometimes 5 piece have just released their debut, the ironically titled mini-album Extended Play. From the inner west the band is delivering a refreshing vibe to the Australian music scene, they began when drummer Beaks and bass player Paddy, met busker Dylan, one night outside the Coopers Arms hotel in Newtown. Dylan, fresh from N.Z. and not yet 18, was on the streets with his guitar busking for coin outside the pub. “We met him,” Paddy says, “when the Coopers Arms bouncer started hassling us to give the dude money". Since then the band have...
There are at least six artists named Sticky. Number one: Sticky is a UK garage producer Number two : Sticky is a young, Geri Halliwell endorsed funky polyrhythmic no wave four piece. Pop music for bins. Number three: Number four: A danish rock band mostly know for their tribute song "Ovre i Amerika" about NFL-kicker Morten Andersen breaking the record as the most scoring player in the NFL ever. See Number five: A danish band that busked in Copenhagen. The band consisted of a guitar player, a violin player, a contrabas player, a drummer and a singer....
The Stickybacks were a six-piece skacore band, originating from east London, UK, that played an upbeat and original mixture of punk and ska with healthy doses of reggae, rock and metal thrown in for good measure. Originally formed in the spring of 2000 with four core members, the Stickybacks went on to include a three-piece brass section that fully matured and developed their sound, though their final line-up included just two horn players: Alan Dungate - Guitar & Backing Vocals; Ben Mattock - Trombone & Backing Vocals; Brett Davis - Vocals & Percussion; Greg Chown - Drums & Percussion; Jonathan...
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Sticky Situation
Down by the Sally Gardens/Simple Gifts
As Good as It Gets
Tongue & Cheek
Sticky Note Shrapnel
One by One
Flight 101
Ol' Mick's Story
Debo The Game
Outcast At Last
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Don't Owe Me Nothin'
Every Note's a Tribute
I Miss the Good Times
You Baby You
Something Strange (feat. REMI)
Grab a Bottle (feat. Wylie)
I Need Some Advice
White Roses
Her Very Last Time
Three-Quarter Time
Gold Snafu
Sticky Fingers
She Make a Strong Man Weak
At First Sight