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Opeth is a progressive metal band from Sweden that is influenced by many diverse musical styles ranging from jazz, 1970s progressive rock, death metal, and blues. Their recent releases have deviated from their traditional death metal influenced style, with more emphasis on progressive elements. Vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt is also noted for utilizing both clean singing and death growls, often in the same track. Due to their unique blend of melodic and progressive elements, Opeth are often classified separately from more typical death metal acts. The name Opeth was taken from Wilbur Smith's novel Sunbird and derived from Opet, a city...
Dopethrone is a sludge / stoner metal band that was established in March 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a completely D.I.Y. project in the very core of Hochelaga. After only 3 weeks of legendary drunkenness and sacred bong worship, the members of Dopethrone had already composed 4 songs and were planning out a concept for an album. A year later, the new album: "Demonsmoke" was materialized. In the spirit of "Do-It-Yourself", The Logo and concept was created by Vincent (guitar - vocals), the recording by Thomas (drummer) and the CD was produced by Vyk (bassist). In 2011 Dopethrone released...
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In My Time of Need (8-Bit Opeth Emulation)
Porcelain Heart (Opeth String Tribute)
Windowpane (16-Bit Opeth Emulation)
In My Time of Need (16-Bit Opeth Emulation)
God's Drink
Blood Mountain
opeth - heritage (piano cover)
Hope Leaves (Opeth Cover)
Harvest(Opeth cover)
Heritage (cover Opeth)
Windowpane (Opeth cover)
Forest of October (Opeth cover)
Ending Credits (Opeth Cover)
Patterns in the Ivy II (Opeth cover)
Harvest (Opeth Cover)
Harvest (Opeth cover)
Will O The Wisp (Opeth Cover)
Benighted (Opeth Cover)
Porcelain Heart (cover Opeth)
Утро....(Cover version Opeth)-2008 год
The Drapery Falls (Opeth Cover)
Serenity Painted Death (Opeth cover)
Death Whispered a Lullaby (Opeth cover)
A fair judgement (Opeth cover on PianOpeth album)
Harvest (Opeth Cello Cover)
Windowpane (Opeth Cover)
Harvest (Opeth Cover) [Studio Version]
Coil (Opeth Cover with midi intro)
Soldier Of Fortune (Opeth cover)
Harvest (Opeth cover Своё Радио live)
Opeth - To rid the disease (solo)_my cover
jazz solo (Opeth cover)
Coil (Opeth cover)
Ending Credits (Opeth cover)
Opeth - BeNighted (Guitar Cover)
Opeth (Guitar Instrumental Cover)2
Opeth (Guitar Instrumental Cover)
Ending Credits (Opeth cover version 2)
Hope Leaves Opeth Cover
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Opeth - Patterns In The Ivy
Excerpt From Opeth's "Master's Apprentices"
Ending Credits (Opeth cover)
to rid the disease (opeth cover)
Opeth - Ending Credits (Cover)
Epilogue (Opeth cover)