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There are multiple artists who go by the name Pile, the three most prominent being a garage-swamp-pom-pom band from Boston MA, a Japanese female artist and seiyuu, and an electronic duo comprised of the founders of Perlon Records. 1.) Post-hardcore band from Boston, MA. pile.bandcamp.com 2.) Pile is a Japanese Singer and Seiyuu, Her real name is Hori Eriko (堀絵梨子) and she was born in 1988. She released a indies solo single in 2007 called "Your is All... " but didn't make a major solo debut until 2014 with the single "伝説のFLARE", which was used as the third ending song...
Deathpile is a project of Jonathan Canady, running from 1995 to 2004. Deathpile began as a varied experimental / noise project but quickly became pure power electronics (harsh electronic noise with vocals) after the debut release. From 1995 to early 2004 DEATHPILE recorded many albums that were released on cassette, vinyl and CD internationally and performed live sporadically in Colorado, Chicago and on the East Coast. http://www.malsonus.com/dp/ .
Pilemil is a indie-rock band based in Oslo, Norway. Their first release, a split EP with the artist Cyrano came out in 2006 and was named "Cyarnq & Phil Emile [sic]". The full-length debut "If You Make a Lot of Ceramics, Ceramics Will Make a Lot of You as Well" came out in 2009. Both records were released by the record label Metronomicon Audio. A new Pilemil album will be released in may 2012! .
There are at least three acts sharing the name Epilepsy. 1. The earliest Epilepsy is a german math metal band with thrash metal roots, formed in 2000. Members: J. Galesic (guitars, vocals, bass) J. Strieder (bass, drum programming) 2. A grindcore band from Pennsylvania. They recorded a split with Doomsday Machine Schematic called Kamikaze Circle Jerk. Members: Conor (guitar, vocals, programming) Dave (bass, programming) Brian (everything) 3. Polish death metal band formed in 1991. Releases: Sad Remembrances (Demo 1992) Rehearsal (Demo 1992) .
Matt Dennewitz released indie folk and noise under the name Compiler from 1999-2004, culminating in multiple compilation appearances and two EPs on Datawaslost: 2000's 'Nothing Ever Fits Like It Should' and 2003's 'I Guess That It's Time That I Go'. He now records music as Blackbear, and plays guitar in Coltrane Motion. http://www.datawaslost.net/compiler/ .
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Белая ночь
Pile ou face
Quiet Autumn
Yesterday's Clothes
Rotting Pile of Flesh
Money Pile Up
Piłem z diabłem bruderszaft
Piledriver(Greg Downey Remix)
Pile ou face
Beethoven, for Elise
Bitch (remix DJ Piletski)
Smiling Pile of Shit
Waiting for Your Love
Pilentze pee ( A little bird is singing)
Zvaću Te Pile Moje
Living a Lie
Arctic Ghost
Pile Of Bubbles
Pile ou face
Fat Rat Boogie
Spider Bait
Metal Inquisition
Pile ou face