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miwa is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter. She made her major debut under Sony Music Records in 2010 and is managed by Tristone Entertaiment Inc. miwa was influenced by music from her father at a young age. When she entered high school with 15, she started writing her own music and learning how to play the guitar. miwa was prohibited from having a job, but she secretly worked to save money and bought her first guitar, a Gibson J-45. Soon, she started performing live shows with a friend at places such as Shimokitazawa Loft and Shibuya 7th floor. Eventually, she was...
MIWAGEMINI Knowing Miwa is like understanding the secrets to John Lennon’s lyrics: “Picture yourself in a boat on a river/ With tangerine trees and marmalade skies/ Somebody calls you/ You answer quite slowly/ A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.” - Musicedge.com Miwa’s airy vocal draws comparisons to Bjork, Nina Simone, Tom Waits, and Patsy Cline - Flagpole, Athens, GA Who is Miwa? “Nina Simone meets Bjork,” said film director David Jones. “Robert Johnson mixed with Cat Power,” argued ukulele troubadour Michael Leviton. Then there was fashion designer Patrik Rzepski, who was convinced that Nico fitted into Miwa’s family tree somewhere. Whoever...
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Hell Is Real
The Darker of the Darkest of the Dark (Triple D)
Cage of Domination
Anything for Love
No Smoke Without Fire
Lift Me Away
Cursed Without Warning
In Walked Bud
Born in Bondage
Say That You'll Stay
One Single Bullet
The Devil's Fingerprints
Remember To Rise
Oh I Wanna Be
Like The Light
Keep Talkin'
If You're Blue
My Haven
Where There Is Life
White Snake in the Desert
My Haven
Lift Me Away
Golden Slumbers / You Never Give Me Your Money
Remember To Rise
Remember To Rise
Whiskey Moon in New Orleans
Que Sera Sera
Charlie Chaplin Broke My Heart
Forgetful Ocean