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Sin Bandera was formed spontaneously: Leonel García (from Mexico) had the idea to be soloist, he showed talent on guitar and voice, but his project never took off with the record companies. At the same time, Noel Schajris (from Argentina) was preparing a solo album after making his debut in 1999. Both being musicians, composers and singers, they discovered the ideal formula to unite their talents and personalities in 2000. Noel Schajris was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Leonel García was born on January 27, 1975 in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. In 2007, the duo decided to split and...
NOTE: As it seems, there are four musical ensembles going by the name "Banda": one is a Slovak ethno band, the two is a traditional Mexican music, the three is a russian R`n`B band leading Timati and the fourth one is Polish hip hop group from Radom. The following text is about the Slovak Banda. The musical band Banda originated in 2003. The band approaches folk songs in a modern manner, which categorises it into the ethno or world music. Basing on familiar knowledge and interpretive mastering the traditional, authentic vocal and instrument forms, the Banda creatively restructures and reinterprets...
Banda Sinaloense el Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga, often referred to as Banda el Recodo is one of the best-known Mexican banda groups. Since its founding in 1938, it has been under the direction of the Lizárraga family. Banda el Recodo has performed with such popular artists as Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernández. The ensemble consists of four clarinets, three trumpets, a tambora, a tarola, a tuba (Sousaphone style), three trombones, and three singers. Banda el Recodo was founded by Don Cruz Lizárraga from Sinaloa, Mexico. Although he had to drop out of high school to work, Lizárraga was an...
Bank Band is a Japanese Rock Band, is a band project formed by Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr.Children's Vocals) and Takeshi Kobayashi (Mr.Children's Producer). The band is formed with a several number of support musicans, all of they haves solo carreirs like Seigi Kameda (Producer of bands and artists like Shiina Ringo, Ken Hirai, Plastic Tree, Spitz, etc...) and other artists. Bank Band was formed in order to expand possibilities of ap bank (an NGO created by Sakurai, Kobayashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto), in which Takeshi Kobayashi and Kazutoshi Sakurai have been playing the central roles. Bank Band is like a super band...
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Sun Valley (Voice Memo Take)
The End (Music Demo)
My Eye Is on You
Love Is Forever
Sun Valley
Horse Hill
We Were Never Cowboys (Music Demo)
The End (Alternate Bridge)
Feeding Dinosaurs
Seven Years
Seven Years (Single Version)
We Were Never Cowboys
Rasta Band Wagon
Dublin (Music Demo)
Seven Years (Music Demo)
The End
Feeding Dinosaurs (Voice Memo Take)
Love Is Forever (Voice Memo Take)
Dublin (Alternate Lyrics)
After All These Years
Left in the Cold
Be Yourself
Horse Hill (In the Garage)
Left in the Cold
Horse Hill (Music Demo)
Carry Us Through
Sun Valley (Music Demo)
Feeding Dinosaurs (Music Demo)
Modern World
The Best Month (Bonus Track)
Horse Hill (Demo)
Rasta Band Wagon
At a Loss for Words
Snowy Owl
If I'm Not Here
Misty Haze
Summertime (Demo)
Weasel River
Baffin Island
Rasta Band Wagon
The End (Bridge Change Short Music Demo)
Band Wagon (N.S.A.)(Clean) (feat. Seph-Music)
Rasta Band Wagon
Band Wagon (N.S.A.)
Whiskey Wagon