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Rovers Ahead are a Folk Rock / Punk band from Copenhagen. .
I am that voice in your head that is screaming at you to say what you really feel, rather than sugar coat it for the world to hear. I am your inner thoughts, your private contemplations, the side of you that may not be socially acceptable... the part you hide away. Loose yourselves and dance with me, and be proud to be who you are for the sake of it being worth something...and do it to some kick ass sounds. Velvet Shadow is Sonic Introversion. Her newest project was born in early 2009 and combines agressive synths with seductive vocals....
Introversia was born in Catania in 2005 and grew up in the Sicilian indie territory playing as opening act for the Meganoidi, Linea 77, Marta sui Tubi, Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and Pan del Diavolo in various festivals. Songs of their demo obtains radio hostings and good reviews in Italy and Spain. In 2007 the group was selected by Mario Riso to partecipate in “Sala Prove” on Rock TV. On January 2010 they publish their first album, "Vuoto Indispensabile" (label: Imago Sound, Creative Commons licensed). .
Formed in 2006, The Rovers have taken the Celtic music scene by storm thanks to an eclectic mix of traditional roots and blazing instrumentals with an amped up rock twist. Their musicianship and show is nothing short of high octane. Their fan base is continually expanding and covers people of all ages from all walks of life. The Rovers are fronted by Ray Murphy (lead guitar) from Dublin Ireland and backed by Jenn Garmen (fiddle), Eddie McGowan (bass and bagpipes), Jim Martin, (percussion), and drummer Kevin Shook. They are sure to keep you on edge until the final track has...
Kontrovers is a swedish Crust-Punk-Band founded in 1996... To this date the band has released some Ep's and 2 albums. more info on .
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Seven Drunken Nights
Dirty Old Town
Sally MacLennane
Seven Drunken Nights
Fairytale Of New York
Champion At Keepin' Them Rollin'
Champion At Keepin' Them Rollin'
I'm Shipping Up to Boston