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There are several artists named Koko. 1) Koko Stambuk, better know as Koko is the man behind some of Kudai's and Reik's biggest hits, making him one of the best producers and composers today. After leaving the band Glup! he took a break from the music business but now he has decided to launch a career as a solo artist. His first single "Valiente" is now available everywhere. 2) Koko, a female rapper and part of the group Feline Science. 3) Experimental pop from Montreal. Egg Paper .
Three artists share the name "Kokomo": a post-rock band, a disbanded soul band and a surf/punk band. Kokomo is a post rock band from Duisburg, Germany founded in mid-2008. Their first album, Matterhorn Bob and the Black Fair was released in November 2009 to a generally-positive reception. A 12" split with Kasan was also released that year. In April 2011, the band released their second album, If Wolves. Their sound is a combination of the atmosphere of post-rock, the soundscapes of ambient music and the turbulence of post-metal. The band is comprised of Oliver L. (guitar), Rene S. (guitar), Benjamin...
Aris Kokou was born in Athens in 1977. At the age of 8 he studied piano and harmony. He completed his studies in the classical harmony at the age of 16 and then he studied modern harmony, organology and composition that concerned the blues and jazz musical scene. At the same period of time he took lessons on music technology. His musical influences arises from the first electronic producers, such as J.M. Jarre, Vangelis, 90s dance electronica , atmospheric drum & bass (Good looking records κ.α.), Deep house Tech house (Plastic city, Ibadan, Guidance, Paper records, Naked Music κ.α.), soul...
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would i be?
Кокосовая стружка
Выше неба
Ты для меня свет
Коко, Мале
Выше неба
Шанель Коко
Танечка и Кокос - скит
Мамарин и Кокоев
Это не моё
Родился, потерпел и умер
Коко Джамбо
Только дай мне
Коко Джамбо
Falling Softly
Не узнаешь
Она любит коко
Другая вселенная
Ты для меня свет (HVNDI Remix)
Bali Sunrise
Awerowa (Vision) [feat. Kailash Kokopelli]
Коко Колада
Коко Шанель
Кокон / Бабочка