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Diamonds are not the 50's group "The Diamonds" of "Little Darlin'" fame. There are however, several bands that go by this name: 1) Diamonds (Australia/Glasgow) 2) Asher "Diamonds" Gray (USA) 3) Diamonds (Canada) 1) Diamonds are an ex-Australian hard pop/noisy indie three-piece based in Glasgow. Aidan and Sarah packed up their equipment in Adelaide, Australia late 2007. Put it all in a shipping container and set it loose on an over sea voyage to Glasgow. All to play some real, raw and exciting rock music on the other side of the world. Diamonds’ music is a loud and energetic mash...
Diamonds Are Forever is metalcore band from Cluj-Napoca Romania. In the late of September 2011 they merge from two already existing bands and start sharing songs. In November the band joins Global Battle of the Bands Romania and the end up in the competition Finals. By December they released the first EP - 4 song material entitled "Whom shall I fear". Also along the EP the first video was recorded for the song The eyes of blinded sorrow. The release party was a success and was considered the 2'nd best release party of 2011 by Awards. Also at the...
Nick Diamond is the solo recording name of Nick Thorburn, a musician from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is also the lead singer of the indie rock band Islands and shares lead vocal duties in bands Mister Heavenly, and formerly The Unicorns. He released his first solo album, "I Am An Attic", on his Bandcamp page on July 11, 2011. .
Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds is a Russian stoner rock / psychedelic rock band formed in Moscow, Russian Federation in 2010. Members: Oleg Sakharov - guitars, vocals; Igor Suvorov - guitars (formerly The Grand Astoria); Ilya Gorokhvadatsky - bass; Ramis Cervantes - drums. .
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Little Darlin'
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