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Vo: 揺紗 (華族 → THE KIDDIE) Gu: 淳 (パラレル → Giglle (as ジュン) → 繚華 with Wicked Children (Support) → リスミー → 華族 (as ヂュン) → THE KIDDIE) Gu: 佑聖 (VANDALIZE → Le:ciel (as Yuki) → マルル (as きるぁ) → THE KIDDIE) Ba: そらお (Shelly~Jazz Rock Children~ (as そら) → THE KIDDIE) Dr: ユウダイ (ギブス → CODE NAME (as ユウ) → 華族 (as ゆう) → THE KIDDIE) THE KIDDIE is a 5 member Visual Kei band from Tokyo, Japan . The band formed in May of 2007 and held their first live on July 1st at Meguro Rockmaykan. Their first...
There are more than one band with the name Upstairs. 1. a female fronted rock/pop band from Orlando, Florida. In 2003, they released their debut album "Casualties of Uncertainty". 2. an all-girl punk band from Japan. In 2009, they released their debut album "Tres Chicas Punks" on Waterslide records (Japan). 3.Garage rock band from Russia. On 13 may 2010 lead drummer Philip Gorbachev announced that he was leaving Upstairs and disbanding it. .
Figgkidd is a rapper from Bankstown. He is often compared to Eminem. He won best new talent at the 2006 Urban Music Awards. .
the time travelling, shape shifting, space folding being... / vexkiddy / vexkiddyrocks .
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Ashin In My Cup
Kidd Upstairs | X.O.
Bleed My Soul
amanda bynes feat. x.o.
Gold Coins
Newman [Prod. Kidd Upstairs]
11 - Kidd Upstairs - Blinded
The River
Lollipop Blunts
Forget Me
Chop Feat. Kidd Upstairs
Gone (ft. Natalia)
Stalker (Lykke Li Remix)
Lollipop Blunts (prod. Kirk Knight)
Say No (prod. Kidd Upstairs)
Swiss Alps (prod. Kidd Upstairs)
Went Down (feat. Hippie Sabotage)
Gold Coins [Produced by Kidd Upstairs]
Kidd Upstairs & XO
Waffles (prod. Kidd Upstairs)
Went Down (feat. Hippie Sabotage) 2014
Beam Me Up (prod. by Jimmy Javier)
"A La Mode" (Prod. by Kidd Upstairs)
High In Flight (prod. Kidd Upstairs)
A La Mode (prod. Kidd Upstairs)
Bombchu (feat. FX)
The Unearthly Heights
Feel Right ft. Young Gully (prod. Lewi V)
Colorful (Prod. By Pantyraid)
Speed (Prod. by Kidd Upstairs)
LAX Freestyle (prod. By Kidd Upstairs)
Feel Right (Chopped & Ghosted)(feat. Young Gully)
Shut It Down (Prod. by Big O)
Faith in the Fly (prod. by Jimmy Javier)
Red Lights
I Follow Rivers (Kidd Upstairs remix)