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Matador is: 1) Matador is a German band founded by Gudrun Gut, Manon P Duursma (Malaria) and Beate Bartel (Liaisons Dangereuses) in 1982 as an outlet for their audial and visual experimentation. The band released three albums, A Touch Beyond Canned Love (1987), Sun (1990) and Ecoute (1991) before moving on to other projects. Their first performance was in june 1982 at the Documenta in Kassel at which time Beate was still busy with LIAISONS DANGEREUSES and Gudrun and Manon with MALARIA. This was followed by performances in women centers and artschools, releases on cassette-labels in England, Japan and Germany...
Featuring former members of the retired Sounds Like Chicken, San Salvador combines dry and heavy reggae with rock and roll stretching the boundaries of genre stereotypes. Sure to make you kick on and dance, this live show will prove to groove. .
Adoro (ital. for Me adores) is a group produced in Germany of five young opera singers. It was brought to life in the end of 2007 by SODA MUSIC in Berlin as a classical period and pop crossover project and is expelled by Universally Music under the label We Love Music. Their music connects elements of the opera with German-speaking pop songs, as for example "Liebe ist Alles" from Rosenstolz or "Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann " from Nena and big symphony orchestra. Members of the group: Peter Dasch (Bassbariton) Laszlo Maleczky (Tenor) Nico Müller (Bariton) Jandy Ganguly (Bariton) Assaf Kacholi (Lyrical...
X Ambassadors (also stylized XA) is an American rock band from Ithaca, New York. It currently consists of lead vocalist Sam Harris, keyboardist Casey Harris, lead guitarist Noah Feldshuh, and drummer Adam Levin. Their most notable songs include "Jungle", "Renegades", and "Unsteady". The band's debut full-length album, VHS, was released on June 30, 2015 .
Violadores del Verso (Spanish: Verse Violators or Verse Rapists), also known as Doble V, are a rap music crew from Zaragoza, Spain. They used the name Doble V but were forced to return to their original long name due to legal issues (Doble V is also the trademark of a Spanish whiskey). The band members are MCs Kase-O, Lírico, Hate (AKA Maestro Sho Hai) and DJ R de Rumba. Violadores del Verso started off in 1998 in Zaragoza, Spain. They were initially 5 mc's, but Brutal (Kase.O's brother) left the group. In 1999 they published their first LP like a...
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курю каждый день
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Legends Never Die - DanMatriX R a d i o R o c k
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Аппак гулдер
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Let It All Hang Out
One For The Trouble
t r i p k n i g h t
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Labe Panjere
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A.D.O.R.-from the concrete