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Lola Flores, "La Faraona" born January 21, 1923 in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz, Spain - died May 16, 1995, was a singer, dancer, and actress. Born María de los Dolores Flores Ruíz, Lola Flores became a famous dancer and singer of Andalusian folklore at a very young age, featuring in films from 1939 to 1987. Her greatest success was in folklore shows with Manolo Caracol, who was her artistic partner until 1951. In 1958 she married Antonio González el Pescaílla, a guitarist. She had three children: Dolores (singer and actress Lolita Flores); rock musician, singer and actor Antonio Flores;...
London six-piece Lola Colt consist Gun Overbye – Vocals; Matt Loft – Guitar; Margin P Scott – Drums; James Hurst – Guitar; Kitty Arabella Austen – Keys & Sinah Blohberger – Bass. Their name is derived from the 1967 Spaghetti Western directed by Siro Marcellin. With roots in psych, influences in vintage film and cinematic sound, and the use of unusual instrumentation such as Shahi-Baaja, Darbuka and Harmonium, there’s a focus on depth and atmosphere in their music akin to a film noir soundtrack. Frontwoman Gun Overbye’s lyrics add another spiritual dimension, formed as standalone pieces of poetry on themes...
It all started a long long time ago, in a far, faraway place. Somewhere over the land we now call Angola, a soba (tribal king) is crying. His tribe is on war, the enemys advancing. In the presence of tragedy, a hard and unavoidable decision takes place; the sobas pregnant wife will have to leave. The soba and his wife manage to reach a safe place, where the baby a girl is born in peace. The mother christens her baby child with a symbolic name; shell be named KUSSONDOLOLA, meaning changes, shifting. Alma (Soul) is the word to keep in...
Segilola Jolaosho, is a London-based artist. Under her stage name Segilola, she has provided guest vocals on tracks by Occult & Congi, Mute Speaker, and others. By day she’s a neuroscience postgrad who also works in the gaming industry. However, of more interest to her is evolution, writing poetry and of course sound… .
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Undan Nimam Kam
Topdim Baxtimni
Toshkent - Samarqand
Qolaymi, Ketaymi
Lola Type Beat
Бабушкин ковёр
Baba Da Mi Lola
Jonim sog'indim
Хороший год
Touch You
Boem Lola Drugarčina
Spring Lola
Jonim sog'indim
Sunflower Lola
В метре друг от друга
Ты моя судьба
Loli, Lolita, Lola (Rikdi)
Baby Why?