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Maximus is the alter ego of Yannick Uyttenhove, a belgian singer-songwriter. He released his debut album "Maximus" in 2008 and his new album "Mesmerize in March 2010. The first single of his new album is "One of us". or .
Venomous Maximus is a Dark Heavy Metal band from Houston, TX. The sound combines intense, unabashed metal riffing that locks into heavy rock grooves featuring interjected dual leads and surprisingly darkened atmospheres. Add to it the distinctive voice of towering front man Gregg Higgins and his unorthodox, unsettling tone, and unholy sinister laugh I think this band will make some big waves. There's something ominous, and intimidating about their overall's some type of attitude that encapsulates every riff, and movement in the gives them that creepout factor of really good doom, but then they do straightforward metallic stuff...
Steroid Maximus is the instrumental side of the man behind the Foetus moniker, J.G. Thirlwell. Whereas Foetus itself covers a wide spectrum of combining and mutating different styles, Steroid Maximus is even more varied with different styles and sounds being mixed together. Industrial beats, big band horns, world music, 70's funk -- all this and more being cohesively united by the compositions of Thirlwell. On his Steroid Maximus releases, Thirlwell tended to work with collaborators, unlike his Foetus work. For example, 1991's Quilombo featured Lucy Hamilton, Away, Hawn Rowe, Lin Culbertson, and Raymond Watts. Side note: Thirlwell composes the music...
Maximus Dan (Edghill Thomas) b. 1979, Carenage, Trinidad and Tobago. He is of the current crop of Dancehall-Soca stars; most notable among his cohorts is Bunji Garlin. After working with Jamaican producer Danny Browne between 1997 and 2000 and producing heavily Dancehall Reggae influenced music, Maximus Dan moved more in the direction of Soca and has developed his own unique blend styles. His biggest hit to date was "fighter" which was made for the Soca Warriors in 2006."Fighter" became the rallying song for the first ever appearance by Trinidad and Tobago in the finals of the World Cup of Football...
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De Aqui Nadie Me Baja (feat. Maximus Wel)
Se Le Ve (Prod. By DJ Luian, Radikal & Yanyo)
Ella Se Fue (Feat. J Alvarez)
Se Acaba El Tiempo
G 21 Plus - Sola Y Sin Miedo
Tú Mente
La Diabla (2011)
El Ganador
En Mis Suenos (Feat. Jomar)
Bad Bi$h
La Diabla
Ninguno Como Yo (2011)
Tu Mente
Se Acaba El Tiempo (Official Remix)
El Celular
Tenemos Poder (Feat. Ñengo Flow)
Se Acaba El Tiempo (Official Remix)
Happy Totin (Feat. Lui-G 21 Plus)
La Diabla (Prod. By Rome Y Radikal)
Alarma (Prod. By Montana ''The Producer'')
Las Cosas Cambiaron (Feat. Maximus Wel & Pacho)
Happy Totin (Feat. Lui-G 21+)
Todo Me Recuerda A Ti
08. Todo Me Recuerda A Ti
Desnuda (Prod. By Nekxum & Andre ''The Giant'')
Mucho Titere (Feat. Voltio)
Se Acaba El Tiempo (Remix)
Los Duenos De La Avenida Remix
Happy Totin (By Luisitou & RacTivo)
Ninguno Como Yo (Prod.By Dj Luian)
Por Lo Mio