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There are 6 bands with the name Sibyl Vane: A Mid 90's melodic/alternative/Grunge band fronted by April Devereaux, releasing one album of the same name in 1995. Sibyl Vane, an alternative rock band from Pau, France. or The French band Sibyl Vane is based in Pau since 2003 and its name is based on the suicidal fiancée of Dorian Gray in the Oscar Wilde masterpiece... Their first recording attempt, "Pret-a-porter" was released in late 2002 as a demo CD-r, a few months before its official release as an e.p. In October 2005, the band finally released its debut...
Sibylle Baier is a German folk singer and actress whose musical abilities achieved belated recognition with the 2006 release of the album Colour Green, compiled from songs she had recorded in the early 1970s. Having played guitar and piano as a young girl, she was moved to write her first song, "Remember The Day", after taking a road trip with a friend across the Alps to Genoa, via Strasbourg. She appeared in Wim Wenders' 1973 film Alice in the Cities, and her music also featured in Umarmungen und andere Sachen (1975), a German Jochen Richter film set in Bavaria about...
A Winnipeg folk band inspired by the prairies, jazz, and Celtic roots from the east coast of Canada. Consisting of three Mennonite siblings (Jeremy, Roslyn and Melanie Penner) a born maritimer (Tesia Rhind) and a lover of all things musical (Daniel Guezen), the band members bring each of their own musical upbringings to the table and create beautiful melodies together with a variety of instruments. "The vocal equivalent of the sexy chill of a brush across a cymbal." .
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Near Dark
For the Dead Only
Death World
The Stalker
Kult of the Sibyl
Black Box
Omen of Bats
Night Vision
Vampire Surf
God is Death
Vampire Surf
Bloody Mary
Kult Of The Sibyl