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Gary Moore (born April 4, 1952 as Robert William Gary Moore in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom; died February 6, 2011 in Malaga, Spain) is acknowledged as one of the finest guitarists to have originated in Ireland. He was a virtuoso guitarist and is considered by his fans to be one of the best guitar players ever. In a career dating back to the 1960s he has played with bands including Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II, Greg Lake and Skid Row as well as having a successful solo career. Moore started performing from a young age and got his first good...
In 1987, Gary Clail emerged as a solo artist from the incredibly incestuous underground British funk/rap/reggae scene that also spawned Tackhead, Mark Stewart, Keith LeBlanc, Strange Parcels, and at least half of the On-U Sound artist stable. Not really a singer and not really a rapper, Clail got his start working the mixing board at Tackhead shows, during which he would chime in with weird political pronouncements from time to time. His solo work gives a fair idea of what that must have sounded like. Over instrumental backdrops that alternate between reggae (courtesy of Dub Syndicate) and funk (courtesy of...
Gary B “Step into the Sunshine” Buy the album on iTunes New album "Live It Now" 2013 available on iTunes link For more info Join Gary B on facebook Gary b Website Gary B youtube channel 2009 Recently number one in iTunes electronic chart Spain and top 20 UK chart. For free tracks go to February 14 is the launch date of the debut album by Gary B – Step into the Sunshine. Released by the Café del Mar label, famous for their chillout compilations, Gary B is one of the few solo artists...
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The Emotional Hooligan
Pure Dub Tonight
Human Nature
Let's Get It Right
Privatise the Air (Pt. 1)
Who Pays The Piper? (Perfecto Mix)
Who Pays The Piper? (On-U Sound Mix)
Dub The Changes
Peace, Perfect Peace
Deadbeat (Gary Clail Dub)
These Things Are Worth Fighting For (Perfecto Mix)
The Dangerous Dance
privatisation program
Magic Penny
Sixteen Tons (2014, UK)
Deadbeat (Gary Clail Remix)
Gary Clail - Escape (No Way Out mix)
Half Cut For Confidence / Jack The Biscuit
Privatise The Air / Stadium Rock
2 Thieves And A Liar
A Man' Place on Earth (Extended Remix)
Human Nature (On The Mix Edit)
Mind At The End Of The Tether
Two Thieves And A Liar
These Things Are Worth Fighting For (Perfecto Mix)
These Things Are Worth Fighting For
These Things Are Worth Fighting For
Beef (12`` Future Mix)
Who Pays The Piper (perfecto mix) 1992