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Official website: http://www.yukotheband.be "The new yuko record is a dance record”, frontman Kristof Deneijs says “but the kind you dance to in your room” he smiles. “As If We Were Dancing” shows a more poppy and more catchy sound than its predecessor “For Times When Ears Are Sore. Yuko’s debut record, released in 2008 on debonair recordings, which immediately won the hearts of critics both in Belgium and abroad. The press unanimously lauded ‘For Times when Ears are Sore’, calling it ‘a beautiful autumnal album full of introvert songs’ and praising its ‘magical melancholy’ and ‘childlike innocence: naïve but never...
Yuko Yuko | Bubble pop artist called Elias from the Netherlands. Started off in the summer of 2011 with self released EP made on an iPad. After that digital adventure he started buying analog synths and created a typical eighties sound. Since than he released two 2-track releases on his bandcamp page. And in the summer of 2012 his song 'Islands' was part of the ASHELL IIV compilation on the mexican netlabel Matinee As Hell. .
Aki Tsuyuko (アキツユコ) began taking electronic organ lessons when she was a child – one of the images in Hokane is a picture of a young Aki playing organ. “I think that everything I have experienced growing up in Japan is somehow an element of my music,” she says. In addition to her organ studied she practiced the classical Japanese dance "Nihon-buyo" lessons for 15 years. “ I could not find pleasure very much in it, although I had been doing it for such a long time and grown to be skilled in a craft. I was excited by the...
Yukon Blonde is a Canadian indie rock band originally from Kelowna, Canada. Formed in 2005 as a quintet called Alphababy, the band members changed name in late 2008 at the suggestion of Jon-Rae Fletcher, with whom the band was touring Band members have been Jeff Innes (guitar, vocals), Brandon Scott (guitar, vocals), Graham Jones (drums, vocals), and Adam Newton (bass). Relocating to Vancouver, they became Yukon Blonde and woodshedded from 2008 to 2009, signing to the Toronto label Nevado Records and issuing a four-song EP, Everything in Everyway, on October 6, 2009. A self-titled full-length debut album followed on February...
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Попсовая печаль
When I'm Gone
Реквием по юности
Wicked Ways
Не жди чуда
Придёт наше время
Меня больше нет
Про ленивого студента
Paradise on Earth
North of the Yukon
They Say Feat Ooh Aah
Dance in the Morning
Louisville Slugger
Talking About House
Two Weeks
Swing in the Sky
Salt Shaker
Faded (feat. Ashley Jackson)
Yukosamo - Late-Night-Bar (Radio F Edit)
Где же ты?