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Shalamar is an American R&B and soul music vocal group based in New-York and active in the mid-1970s and throughout the 1980s and beyond. Originally a disco-driven vehicle created by Soul Train booking agent Dick Griffey and show creator and producer Don Cornelius, the band went on to be an influential dance trio masterminded by Cornelius. The book entitled British Hit Singles & Albums notes that the band members were regarded as fashion icons and trendsetters, and helped to introduce "body-popping" to the United Kingdom. The name, "Shalamar", was picked by Griffey. Shalamar's first single, the 1977 Motown medley "Uptown...
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Don't Go (Shane D's Glitterball Club Mix)
Don't Go (Shane D's Solar Club Mix)
Don't go (Shane D's Solar Club Remix)
Don't Go (Shane D's Glitterball Club Mix)
Don't Go (KitSch 2.0 Remix)
Don't Go Feat. Shalamar (AKF Mix)