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Sheena formed together around 2003 with Peter Wallner, Matt Wilson, and Joe Weed all having experience together in a creative musical environment. Matt McClaine, a drummer of the early band, parted ways in 2005. The remaining members decided to carry on with the "Sheena" moniker, and began writing material that represented their evolution towards electronica inspired dance rock. In 2006 the band signed to Santa Cruz's Love's in Heat records and released their debut album, "Wah-Ha era" recorded at Santa Cruz's Indigital Studio. Later that fall, the band recruited two additional members: Nick Overhauser on drums, percussion, synth and backup...
Sheena Easton (born Sheena Shirley Orr, 27 April 1959) is a two-time Grammy Award winning Pop singer and actress originally from Bellshill, Scotland. Sheena became famous for being the subject of the UK TV programme "The Big Time", a late 70s reality TV series which recorded her attempts to gain a record contract. She suceeded spectacularly by having two singles in the U.K. top 10 at the same time in 1980. She eventually signed with EMI Records. Easton rose to fame in the early 1980s with the pop hits "9 to 5" (known as "Morning Train" in the United States),...
Raised by her mother, a school music teacher, and her father, a Manitoba grain farmer, Sheena’s musical background was nurtured from the tender age of two years old with a passion ingrained in her small town roots. Sheena wrote her first song at ten years old and recorded a nine-song demo at the age of sixteen after winning a talent competition in her community. But Sheena wasn't always convinced she would get a chance to make music her life. It was only after she completed her second university degree in the Faculty of Education that Sheena knew she could no...
Singer/Songwriter based in the North West UK Peace, truth and love! ♥ ♥ ♥ Since childhood Sheena Bratt (previously known as Sheena Rowley) has been passionate about the magic of music. After tinkering with many instruments, she now mostly plays guitar and sings. Her performance and writing days began at primary school and she's busked, gigged and recorded all over the place (and in other countries), solo and in bands. For herself and for charity. She aboslutely loves the whole process, the writing, recording and playing live. She loves many different types of music, all kinds of things in life...
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My Name Is Sheena
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Fucking Idiots
I'm Lost You
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I've Come Home
How Easy To Fly
How Easy To Fly
So Federal (feat. K-Real)
Without Oli
Just My Darling
Dale Palo (with Insurrecto)
The Samaritan Woman (feat. Sheena Minoza)
Believe Dreams
No Lie (feat. Sheena Thrash)
Mindblowin (feat. Sheena Cross)
Otha-Shit (feat. T-Rock)
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