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There are two artists that have used the name Memphis May Fire: 1) A rock band from Dallas, Texas. 2) A heavy metal band from Baltimore, Maryland. Memphis May Fire is an American metalcore band currently based in Dallas, Texas. Since its formation, the band has released two EPs and four full-length albums, the latest being Unconditional which was released March 2014. Their music has been compared to Underoath and He Is Legend. The band formed in December 2006, but it was not until February 2007 that the group decided on the name Memphis May Fire having previously gone by...
Meet kass. A 21st Century Kid, with 21st Century ideals, he's ripping up the tarmac in your neighbourhood, and replacing it with delightfully textured beats and whatnot. He's stealing the colours of the rainbow, and painting some weird splodgy stuff with them. Hence the title of his latest EP, Emulsion - out on 29th August 2011 at Following that, it's likely that he'll go into hibernation for a while, but rest assured when he returns, he shall raise the bar again. And if it's a chocolate bar, probably eat it. .
There are three artists with the name Technique: 1. An English synthpop duo. 2. A Brazilian synthpop/ambient/EBM/electro duo. 3. A member of the Russian hiphop crew Kunteynir. 1. Technique is an English female synthpop band created by Kate Holms including singer Xan Tylor. The band was named after New Order's 1989 album of the same name, and they were signed to the record label owned by Holmes's husband - Alan McGee's Creation Records. Holmes and Tyler met at Butterfly, the studio owned by legendary producer and former Killing Joke member Youth, where Tyler was working as a session backing vocalist....
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Payback (Feat. Diabolic & Ras Kass)
Pay Back (ft. Immortal Technique and Diabolic)
Pay Back (feat. Immortal Technique & Diabolic)
Payback (Prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
Payback (ft. Diabolic & Ras Kass)