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Jordan Suckley is a name that has quickly made people’s tongues wag on the dance scene over the last year. In the short time of 3 years that he has been performing out in clubs, he was picked up by the almighty PFAgency as a fresh signing for 2009, which is also host to other artists such as Eddie Halliwell and John O’Callaghan... A few months on and Jordan was crowned the new Goodgreef resident to follow in the footsteps of previous stars such as Eddie Halliwell, Alex Kidd, Adam Sheridan, Barry Connell and Shan. After winning the Generate Dj...
Irving Sidney Jordan (born April 1st, 1922 in New York City – August 8th, 2006) was an American jazz pianist. An imaginative and gifted pianist, he was also a regular member of Charlie Parker's so-called "classic quintet" (1947-1948), featuring Miles Davis. For example he participated in the Parker Dial Session that produced "Dewey Square", "Bongo Bop", "Bird of Paradise", and the beautiful ballad "Embraceable You". He had a long solo career from the mid-1950s onwards, after periods accompanying Sonny Stitt and Stan Getz, he performed and recorded in the trio format. His most notable composition, "Jordu", became a jazz standard...
This is music built out of pure imagination; with twinkles of xylophone keys and the snapping of fingers to pronounce a beat; with playful whistles that bridge a melody and bashfully plucked strings, Jordan Klassen knows how to craft exquisitely eccentric music. Violins are rolling awake while drowsy piano notes are sustained over the hollow echoes of wine glass sighs. Backup vocals are called out from afar, delicately finger-picked guitars cultivate melodies, feet lash out in earthy thumps. All topped off with the true allure of this artist: his ethereal voice. Each song is a novel, thoughtfully changing directions in...
http://www.andrew-spencer.de/ (the website is in german, but a nice site anyway) Found at following link: http://www.mentalmadness.de/index.php?section=artists&ID=53 .
Found 21 songs, duration: 01:14:50
Maroon Five
Bad People
Fighting Fires
Thinkin' Bout
Exhausted (demo)
Danny Phantom
Friends Don't Do That
For the Sake of the Summer
Rock The Disco (Jordan Ferrer Remix)
Autopilot (feat. Angelika Vee)
Rock The Disco (Jordan Ferrer Remix) (preview)
Rock The Disco (Jordan Ferrer Remix)
That'll Be The Day
The Game (feat. David P Stevens & Marqueal Jordan)
friends don't do that (acoustic)
Rock The Disco
bad people (acoustic)
maroon five (acoustic)