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There are more than one band/group called Raptor: 1) A Grime MC from the UK. Raptor is the latest member of the Dcypha Productions family helmed by one of the UK’s finest; Sway. He is a producer, rapper and musician. Raptor has been a best kept secret until now. Until now Raptor has been hidden away, carefully honing his craft, waiting patiently for his time. The ‘Some Bad Advice’ is his first official mixtape. A mixtape containing original tracks and freestyles, inspired by life, pop culture, an acute passion for music and Manga. You can download it here: 2)...
There are two bands/artists with this name: 1. An American model, R&B singer, and occasional actress 2. A Finnish dream-pop/shoegaze/post-rock band : 1. Cassandra Ventura (born on August 26, 1986) is an American model, R&B singer, and occasional actress. She is best known for her single Me & U, which became a hit in the summer of 2006. Cassie was born in New London, Connecticut, United States and moved to New York City and continued modeling; she attended classes at the Broadway Dance Center. Meanwhile, music producer Ryan Leslie spotted her at clubs and parties in late 2004. Shortly...
1. Cassiel is an Italian eurodance act active in the middle 90s. It was arranged and produced by A. Costa, Malatesti, Vivaldi and Francesco Alberti. They recorded the hit "Day After Day". 2. Cassiel is the pseudonym for London, UK-based composer, performer, software architect and media artist Nick Rothwell. Cassiel projects generally involve collaboration with internationally-renowned choreographers and contemporary dance companies, such as Laurie Booth, Ballett Frankfurt, Russell Maliphant, Lea Anderson, Aydın Teker (İstanbul) and Random Dance Company (Sadler's Wells). Cassiel plays live sets of pulse-based electronica utilising a variety of control surfaces and custom-designed software performance systems, with a...
if you enjoy my music please give me a like on my facebook page!!/pages/Raptorface/149979288365330?ref=search ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ here are other sites where you can listen and download my music: Orbital EP download here---> Aeon EP download here---> .
Cassie Davis is a singer and songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. She travelled to New York with her older sister when she was 18 to pursue a music career. Cassie and her sister now have their own record label named 12 Stones (which has, along with Cassie, been signed by Sony Music). Cassie also has the support of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the singer received a phone call from Fergie who told Cassie her ballad "Amazing" had made her cry. .
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Anger Volcano
Fire Dance With Me
Boiler Room Hard Dance #084
Voxnox Podcast 082
Fast Forward Audio Series #49
RAAR avec RinseFM (invitent Cassie Raptor) 130720
Kick or Talk
Feuer Frei! (190BPM Edit)
Boiler Room Festival @ London 2021
Awakenings Podcast S204
Kick or Talks
BCCO Podcast 215
SlamRadio 435
Cassie Raptor (18.02.2021)
Disturbed (Original Mix)
Fire Dance With Me (Somniac One Remix)
Verknipt Kingsday Festival @ Warehouse 2
ATMOS-FEAR (Cassie Raptor Remix)
Anger Volcano (Perc Remix)
XP Stream #1
Cassie Raptor - Feuer Frei! (190BPM Edit)
Slam Radio 435 | Cassie Raptor
Anger Volcano
Fire Dance With Me