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The All-American Rejects are an American rock band formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999. The band consists of lead vocalist, bass guitarist, and pianist Tyson Ritter, lead guitarist Nick Wheeler, rhythm guitarist Mike Kennerty, and drummer and percussionist Chris Gaylor. The band achieved mainstream success with their debut self-titled studio album The All-American Rejects released in 2003 by Dreamworks Records. The album was certified platinum by the RIAA and spawned the single "Swing, Swing".The band's second album Move Along brought the band further mainstream success in 2005, producing the hit singles, "Dirty Little Secret", "Move Along" and "It Ends Tonight",...
"...Now it's time for the music world to take notice of this remarkable band and their terrific debut record, which easily stands as one of the best releases of 2006..." - FMQB "...the whole album is a non-stop orgy of pure pop bliss...yes, it's THAT good..." - About THE SKIES OF AMERICA: Rob Bonfiglio, founder & leader of Los Angeles based rock band THE SKIES OF AMERICA (formerly THE BETTER DAYS), was born in Philadelphia and weaned on lp's 45's & FM radio..... As member of mid-nineties alterna/rock band "Wanderlust", Rob found himself recording for RCA Records and touring...
Around the time that British pop was sweeping America, Arthur Lee (who would later go on to form the legendary California psychedelic outfit called Love) was writing and recording tunes about President Lyndon Johnson's daughter with his new group The American Four. .
Sometimes having all the necessary connections does not lead to great success. Although managed by Casey Kasem and designated as American International Pictures’ (AIP) house band, The American Revolution never became the national group that perhaps their talent and ability should have warranted. They did, however, appear in two films (and were cut from a third) and recorded an excellent album, s/t. excerpt from "Beyond the Beat Generation" .
The American Boychoir is the preeminent school for boychoir training in the United States. Located in Princeton, New Jersey, the Boychoir is a residential academy as well as a performing ensemble. .
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Nam Nam Baroone
Shokhie Mageh
I Will Rise
Vay Jonom Vay Delbar
Divane Manam
Nari Nari
Kooke Halam
Ham Otaghi
Baba Lili
Ghabe Aks
Pino To Ameri
Te Aprovechas
Delom Gerefte
Mikham Beram Kooh Shekar Ahoo
Yo no Sé
Dubai Boodan
Globo sin Gas
Ghamo Ghorbat
Anar Anar
Alah Alah
Che khosheh
Koolebare Khastegi
Narahatet kardam
Dokhtar Khale
Cheshat Divoonegime
Dele Delbar
Vay Ghorboonesh
Twilight Dev
Maldito Traidor
Sokotam Khise Baroone
Yale Yal Meydoun