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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Snuff are a British band formed in London, UK in 1986 who primarily play punk rock, but have also veered off into Dub and Ska at times. Their name reportedly came about after a long discussion about names ended up with one of them claiming 'That's Enough', which was then shortened to Snuff. The original line up was Duncan Redmonds on drums and vocals, Simon Wells on guitar and vocals, and Andy Crighton on bass and vocals. The band split up in 1991, but re-formed in 1994. The most recent...
Roger Baptist (* 14. Juli 1966 in Großenhain, bekannt als Rummelsnuff) ist ein deutscher Musiker und Texter, der die Stilrichtungen Elektropunk und modernes Arbeiterlied vertritt. Roger Baptist ist der Sohn einer Musikerfamilie. Seine Mutter ist die Geigenlehrerin Renate Baptist, die im Gerd-Michaelis-Chor sang, bevor sie bei Frank Schöbel Keyboards und Violine spielte. Sein Vater ist der Posaunist Peter Baptist, Bandleiter der Peter-Baptist-Combo, mit der Künstler wie Hartmut Schulze-Gerlach sowie Dieter Birr und Peter Meyer von den Puhdys ihre Karriere begannen. Als Kind und Jugendlicher erhielt er eine Ausbildung zum Fagottisten. Anfang der 1980er Jahre begann Roger Baptist experimentelle Arbeiten mit...
Snuff Crew is a mysterious project from Germany and it's all about jacking. The Snuff Crew collective is in fact influenced by House, Disco and Acid House. Their tracks bring fun back on the dancefloors and Jack back into your heart. Will they ever reveal their identities? .
Snuffy is an instrumental trio from Brooklyn. They've had music on Skins, and their debut album is out here: ___________________________________ .
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Snuff The Punk
Snuff Machinery (Club Version)
Ниндзя (feat. Spike_Spiker)
Snuffle Ting
Snuff N Stuff
Snuff (feat. Fread)
Snuff Machine
Snuff Machine (Defiled By: X-Fusion)
There Ain't No Grave
На пали
DR. Rummel mr. Snuff
First Snuff Generation (Technicolor Nightmares)
Snuff Machine (Die Krupps Remix)
Drink Freely From the Chalice of Lunacy
My Snuffly Wuggly One
Залетаю в игру
122 Freestyle
Snuff (Radio)