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Lugubre is a black metal band from Fryslân (the Netherlands). They formed in 1999 and they are currently on Folter Records. Their lyrics are focusing on Satanism, Warfare, Death and Occultism. Current line-up: Nachzehrer - Vocals Striid - Guitars Fjildslach - Drums Tsjuster - Guitars Swerc - Bass Discography: 1999 - Striid, back and forth through blasphemy, forms Lugubre. - “Kriich" demo is recorded. 2000 - “Kriich" demo is cast upon the world. - Hermit joins on vocals. - Iezelzweard joins on bass. - Kriich joins on drums. 2001 - “Promo 2001" containing "Smashing the Traitors" and "Nuclear Counterstrike" is...
Found 112 songs, duration: 12:35:06
Smashing the Traitors
Gorgeous necromancy
Flagge Fan Batsk
The Devastating Hammer of Evil
Pure Annihilation of Unworthy Existences
Mustard Gas Ambrosia
Black War Destruction
Twilight of the Weapon
Crush the messenger of light
Nuclear Counterstrike
Kearning Fan De Oarloch
Supreme Ritual Genocide
Blade to Blade
Fjildslach Yn De Mist
Karttikeya (Atribút Remix)
Semina (Original Mix) ϺY ϺɄȘIĈ PLĄŇĒŦ
Dakma (LUMME & Miguel Lautaro Remix)
Nuclear Counterstrike
Black War Destruction
Dakma (Original Mix)
Karttikeya (Original Mix)
Dakma (Original Mix) ϺY ϺɄȘIĈ PLĄŇĒŦ
IV Andante lugubre - Allegro maestoso
Колокола: часть 4 - Lento lugubre
semina • bach wrecker x lugubre
4 ч. Finale. Andante lugubre. Allegro maestoso
Andante lugubre - Allegro maestoso
Finale. Andante lugubre. Alleg
La lugubre vallйe
Viaje Lugubre (feat. Cade)
The Bells, Op. 35 - IV. Lento lugubre
Lugubre (Original Mix)
The Krafted Undergrnd Radio Show - EPISODE#30
blade to blade
supreme ritual genocide
Симфония №1 - 4 часть Финал
seperation of the flesh
twilight of the weapon
Blood Must Be Shed
Nuclear Counterstrike