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Skorp (also known as Skorp-eon) is a Hip Hop artist from Brockton, Massachusetts. Skorp is an underground MC who is known for posting his work on forums. He is best known for his mixtape "The Change Up" which was released in 2009. Skorp is a member of the Hip Hop group "4 Elements". .
" Skorpion is a 16 year old producer from Nottingham, England who is a producer trying to bring his own style to Electronic Music. He first picked up a guitar at the age of 7 and from then became passionate about making music. In Summer 2010 it came to him after hearing a Datsik track he would like to start producing. From now he has received support from Captain Crunch, Rekoil, Ctwo, Betamorph Recordings and more. " .
A Hard Rock / Progressive Rock band from Hungary. Skorpió (Scorpion in Hungarian) was formed in 1973. The band members were well known musicians from other famous Hungarian bands: - Frenreisz Károly: vocals & bass in Locomotiv GT - Szűcs Antal Gábor: vocals & guitars in Hungária - Fekete Gábor: drums in Hungária - Papp Gyula: organ in Mini. Originally Frenreisz wanted an Emerson, Lake & Palmer type trio formation, but later he decided to include a gitarist. The band's first album, "A rohanás" was released in 1974. They made several radio and TV appearances. The band members also played...
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Trasiga skor
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Skør som glas
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Bring ID f/ Abi Cruz
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