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Jonny L, real name John Lisners, is a drum and bass producer. He has also released music under the alias Mr. L. He first came to prominence with the rave single "Hurt You So" in 1992. He signed to XL Recordings, the same label as The Prodigy and SL2. He produced more rave singles such as Ooh I Like It. In 1995, he changed direction making drum and bass records, beginning with I'm Leavin. With that he produced two other EPs before his first album Sawtooth in 1997. From this album, the hit single, Piper proved to be a success...
Jonny McGovern, also known by his character name Gay Pimp, is an American comedian and singer. Coming out of the fringe Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, stand-up scene personified by now-defunct performance space "Surf Reality," this stand-up comedian broke out when he recorded a single called "Soccer Practice," which was on the dance charts for some time. This was followed by the release of his CD Dirty Gay Hits, for which he toured America and received some popularity (and MTV airplay) in Europe and Japan. "Soccer Practice" was a lampoon of male bonding, with lines like "I'm a...
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Sun Goes Down
No Stopping
Eyes Off
Just Wanna Party
Drop Down (Dubba Jonny Remix)
Drop Down (Dubba Jonny Remix)
Show You (Dubba Jonny Remix)
Drop Down [•Dubba Jonny• Remix]★
Show You ft. Jessica Poole (Dubba Jonny remix)
Dubba Jonny - Home
Home (Incontext Remix) [DnB]
Eyes Off
A Brief Tutorial On VIP
A Brief Tutorial On VIP Production (Original)
A Brief Tutorial On VIP Production (Original Mix)
Home (Deep Focus Remix)
Dead To The Dark
Rinseout (Original Mix)
Ampalamps (Original Mix)
Sun Goes Down (Original Mix) [http://u.to/92kGBA]
A Brief Tutorial On V Production
А brief introduction on dubstep production
Brief Introduction on Dubstep Production, pt.2
A Brief Tutorial On [Atom Dubstep]
A Brief Tutorial (dubstep.breakstep)
a brief tutorial in vip production
VIP Dubstep Tutorial
Drinking Man (Original Mix)
Drinking Man Ft. RJ Duke (Original Mix)
New Day (Original Mix) [Pablo Escobar]
Ampalamps (feat. The Duke)
A Brief Tutorial On VIP Production
Next (Original Mix)
A Brief Tuto
New Day [ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ]★
Just Wanna Party (Original Mix)