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There are four artists with this name. 1) Hardcore/metalcore band from Jihlava (Czech Republic). 2) Manchester based electroacoustic drone artist Straight (aka Stephen McLaughlin) 3) Calgary, Alberta based rock band formed by lead singer and guitarist Joe McCaffrey. Released two albums (Straight and Palm Springs) and a 7" single between 1997 and 2002. 4)A Duesseldorf; Germany based New Metal Band who renamed themselves in 2003 in THE ANTI DOCTRINE along with a new musical direction towards chaos/math core .
„Straight Frank“ „It’s not as if the four of us don’t appreciate all these new developments in rock music. All these different variations of rock, punk and post-rock, sometimes with, sometimes without electro: that’s all exciting and thrilling and sometimes we put ourselves in one of those many niches. But with Straight Frank we want to give something back to rock, what it has lost in the first decade of the new millennium - authenticity.” Says lead singer Tobias Gustavsson explaining the musical approach of Straight Frank. “I hope that people listen to our album with one basic principle. That...
Scared Straight was a Nardcore Punk band from Simi Valley, California. The band was formed in 1983 by a group of friends, Scott Radinsky and Dennis Jagard, who wanted to start a band and enter a "Battle of the Bands" competition at a local skate rink. They often played with other "Nardcore" bands from nearby Oxnard, California. All of their records were released by Mystic Records. In the early 1990's they changed their name to Ten Foot Pole. One of the reasons for the name change was to move away from the "straight-edge" reputation that followed the band with a...
STRAIGHTOUT were formed in May 1998 by Pipinx(Guitar) and Muy(Vocal). Influenced by Metallic Hardcore bands such as Earth Crisis and Strife as a start. After several line-up changes the band released their first full-lenght album "Undying Beauty and the Symphony of Sadness" in 2003, with a line up - Pipinx(Guitar), Rendy(Guitar), Bayu(Vocal), Donny(Keyboard), Sonny(Bass), and Benny(Drums). The album provides harmonically powerful guitar riffs, heavy hitting on drums, atmospheric aura from the keyboard, and emotional sreaming and melodious notes from the vocal and the female backing vocal (Rebecca). In 2005 the line up changed. Donny is replaced by the new keyboardist,...
Straight No Chaser is a men's a cappella group from Indiana University, started in 1996. Straight No Chaser is also a band from San Diego. They have an album, Panoramic. Straight, No Chaser is a hardcore band from Rochester, NY. Straight No Chaser is alias of Chicago House Music producer Johnny Fiasco. Straight No Chaser is also a Rock, Indie band form Kilmore/Wallan, Australia. Members: Matt Jennings - vocals/guitar Corey Mills - Drums Trev Mills - Bass Straight no Chaser are barely a year old but have already captured a large fanbase in north central Victoria due to their unique...
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Straight to the Heart
Straight to Hell
Straight to the Point
Put It Straight
Straight Up
I'm So Straight
Straight up
Straight Up
Straight Drop
Straight Way
Straight Lines
straight to the destination
Straight For The Kill
Straight Practice
Straight Into Your Face
Promise (from "Silent Hill 2")
Straight From The Underground
Stand up straight
Go Straight
True N Young
Straight Outta Baku
My Straight Shot
straight from the clouds
Supa Straight Mix
Not Thinking Straight
Straight Through the Gate Freestyle
I'm Death, Straight Up
Straight Through My Heart
Straight 100's
Put It Straight
Straight Sun
Straight From My Heart
Vogel im Käfig (from "Attack on Titan")
Straight Not Fucking Edge
Go Straight
Straight to Memphis
Lead Me Daddy, Straight To The Bar