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T-Bolan was a Japanese rock band which debuted in 1991. Its members were vocal Arashi Moritomo, drummer Kazuyoshi Aoki, guitarist Takeshi Gomi, and bassist Hirofumi Ueno. The name of this band was inspired by T. Rex and its vocalist Marc Bolan. The band was formed in 1990. Their 1991 song "Hanashitaku wa Nai" (lit. "I do not want to release you") became a hit song in the cable broadcast. After this success, the band released several hit songs and albums. Their 1993 song "Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi" (lit. "Inextinguishable This Heart") was used for the ending theme of Ichigo Hakusho (in...
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Hot Love
Get It On
Ride A White Swan
Summertime Blues Version II
Mark Bolan T. Rex (1991)
Bolan's Zip Gun
Mr. Motion
Solid Gold Easy Action
Crazy Me Crazy U
Shiny Days
Only Lonely Crazy Heart
Bolan Boogie (full album) [1972]
Token Of My Love (1975 - Bolan's Zip Gun)
Space Boss (Bolan’s Zip Gun, 1975)
Highway Knees
Hot Love Прохоров Сергей Ник.
Tame My Tiger
離したくはない -1Key(原曲歌手:T-BOLAN)
離したくはない +5Key(原曲歌手:T-BOLAN)
Over The Flats
Ghetto Baby Blue
Jeepster (Live)
Spaceball Ricochet
Children Of The Revolution
Telegram Sam (OST Born To Boogie)
Interview (Home Demos)
Funky London childhood