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Lacrim, (de son vrai nom Karim Zenoud), est un rappeur français originaire de Chevilly-Larue, Paris. Après une carrière de délinquant et de multiples passages en prison, Lacrim débute peu à peu le rap et s'installe à Marseille en 2009. C'est à ce moment qu'il décide de se lancer dans une carrière musicale pour éviter, selon lui, de dériver dans une carrière de gangster en lien avec le grand banditisme. Il fait ses débuts par des featurings sur des titres de Mister You, qui déclare l'avoir rencontré en prison. En 2012 il sort son premier album, "Faites entrer Lacrim". Bien accueilli,...
Lacrimosa is a duo led by German-born Tilo Wolff, the main composer, and Finnish Anne Nurmi, currently based in Switzerland and founded in 1990. Lacrimosa was at the beginning a solo project of Tilo Wolff and his musical genre originally was neue deutsche todeskunst (New German Death Art). Between Satura and Inferno, when Anne Nurmi (ex-Two Witches) joined a group, their music style has shifted much more towards hard rock/(neo)progressive rock with gothic influences. Their musical style mixes heavy metal and gothic rock sounds along with violin, trumpet and more classical instruments, although their musical development throughout the years has...
There are at least 4 bands called Lacrima: 1) A Polish gothic metal band formed in 1994 in Kraków (Cracow). The band recorded a demo The Prisoners of Time in 1997, a full-length album The Time of Knight's Return in 1999 and the EP Innocent Incarnations in 2003. Lacrima disbanded in 2005, but was reactivated in 2007. In 2011 the 2nd full length Old Man's Hands was released. For more info see here 2) A Doom death band from Portugal formed in 1995, which realeased two demo-tapes called Tears from Inside in 1996 and Theatrical Sensations in 1997. On 21st...
Musical project Lacrim Hezar is based in 2006. Lacrim Hezar the independent musical project creating music in different styles and moods. Lacrim Hezar constantly changes style of the sound, each new album is a drink of the fresh air, each concert is return of energy spent at record. We don't consider it necessary to adhere to style frameworks, we never cease to experiment, each song will be individual! Constant change of style is progress! We don't stand on a place and we don't seek behind a fashion, we go aside the road! .
Experimental classical instrumental jazz metal progressive out of Toronto "made for you". Written and Recorded by Chris Beason. You can stream and download his discography at his BandCamp and SoundClick for free. Facebook .
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yashyl gara 2014 Remake by Jeyking
Gustavo (feat. Lacrim)
Impossible (feat. Lil Baby)
Faites Entrer
Beat 12
Colonel Carrillo
Booska Ripro 2 (Version live)
Freestyle Act 6
Philippins [OKLM Russie]
Nos labels c'est du papel (ft. Lacrim)
Tiguere (Freestyle) [OKLM Russie]
Гниение жизни
Без лица
Freestyle Booska Non Grata [OKLM Russie]
Salute (feat. Lacrim)
J'ai Faim
T'es pas prêt
Force & Honneur (2017)
Мгновенье для души
D'ou je viens tu connais
beat 03
|Ангелы грязи (Original)|
Plata et plomo [OKLM Russie]
Meme Langage
Freestyle Act 6 [OKLM Russie]
Yes We Can Feat Rim'k & Mister You
Сердце Мира
Дети мегаполисов
Kadryrov [OKLM Russie]
Черно-белое кино
Qu'un Homme Est Fier De L'Être