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Philippe Chatel (birth name: Philippe de Chateleux), born 23 February 1948 in Paris, France, he is one of the first wave of the French Nouvelle Chanson songs. Starting with "Brassens", he composes, writes and performs his own songs. He scored his first great popular success "Je t'aime bien Lili" in 1977. Then follow titles like "Ma lycéenne", "Tout quitter mais tout emporter", but especially "Mr. Hyde." .
Jean-Philippe Goude came into the world in Paris on July 27th 1952. In spite of a most favorable family context - his mother being a violinist and his father happily devoting himself to the piano -, it wasn't until the age of ten that Jean-Philippe discovered piano playing when he started his classical music studies. Two years later, however, he was forced to abandon his instrument, after moving house. He started again to practice by himself, another two years later. Yet, he soon lost interest in classics and began to play with bluse rock bands, before going back to classical...
Singer and composer Philippe Lafontaine was born on May 24, 1955 in Gosselies, Belgium. Lafontaine spent a short time in a Jesuit college that he left at 17 to pursue a career in music. His first successes came from the writing and recording of jingles for television commercials (including Stella Artois and Coca Cola. Throughout the 1980s he joined the musical comedy "Brel en mille temps", touring in Dakar, Moscow, and Leningrad, and he released three albums. The song "Coeur de Loup" was his first big hit and launched his career once and for all in Europe. The song garnered...
Philippe Basiron (Philippon de Bourges) (c. 1449 – just before 31 May 1491) was a French composer, singer, and organist of the Renaissance. He was an innovative and prominent composer of the late 15th century, and was praised by many of his contemporaries. .
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Dream It Possible
Hokage Funeral
Kimi Ga Iru Ost 31 (Your Lie in April)
My Heart Will Go On
You Can Become a Hero
Lazy Afternoons
The Avatars Love
Rossiniana No. 1, Op. 119
Traverse Town
Vague Whispers (Liyue Mountains)