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There are four artists under this name: 1. Freeze is a rapper from Akron, Ohio. Signed to First Family. 2: Joshua Alexander Israelievitch, aka Freeze, was born in St. Louis and moved to Toronto before his first birthday. Growing up in an artistic family with a dedicated concertmaster for a father, he developed a passion for making music. "For me," he explains, "music is not only a form of expression and entertainment, but also a way of life and a medium for communicating a message of reality and positivity." Living in an environment where his father was constantly practicing violin...
Future Breeze was formed out of Markus Boehme and Martin Hensing. They began with using an old computer to compose their music, until they eventually found themselves to be talented and decided to take it further, leading them to what they are now. Future breeze was originally called Synthetic compulsion, until they released "Read My Lips" under the artist title Future breeze. .
1) Sheffield dbeat hardcore formed in 2011 by Rich, Stu, Tommy and Si...ex /and current members of Burnsubvertdestroy, Bickle's Cab, Truth Decay, Last Years Youth, Power Corrupts, Narcotix and Das Chipshop. Demo recorded midway thru 2012 - Tommy left and replaced by Jake (ex Truth Decay) 2) California based four-piece hardcore/punk band. - BRAINFREEZE, 9-song demo, SLAMBO RAT RECORDS - Summer Jams '07 3) Central Coast NSW Australia hardcore .
80's electro-pop duo from Liverpool. Great favourites of record shop bargain bins at the time with singles such as "Seeking Professional Advice", "Foxhole" and "Touch". .
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