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The Extra Glenns are a band made up of Franklin Bruno of Nothing Painted Blue and John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats. They were something of an underground legend in the 90's, recording tracks for singles and some compilations. Both artists however started concentrating on their own solo work, though as their popularity grew they continued to work together when possible. A show at the 2000 San Francisco Noise Pop Festival found an unexpected crowd in attendance with exceeding interest with fans coming from as far away as New York just for the Extra Glenns. They decided then that it...
Canadian band best known for their 1980's hit, "I Can't Stand Still". The songs' popularity was in part due to a popular animated video created for it. The band featured Leon Stevenson. .
An indie rock group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania currently signed to Punk Rock Payroll in South Philly, The Extraordinaires are a unique act. Their albums are released as handmade, hand-screened cloth-bound storybooks. Their shows are theatrical and energetic. Their singer's guitar is shaped like a fish. The Extraordinaires have produced three full-length albums to date. Their first, "Ribbons of War," is a brilliant themed CD telling the operatic love tale of the brooding Captain, the fair Annelies, and their forbidden love. Their second full-length - "Short Stories" - is a collection of stand-alones featuring tracks such as "The Arsonist" "Warehouse Song"...
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El Perdon
El Perdon
Tic Tic Tac
Hasta el Amanecer
La Tortura
Vivir Mi Vida
Back It Up
Mal de Amores
La Mordidita
Baila Morena
Waka Waka
Ella y Yo
Duele el Corazon
Dale Don Dale
Ron de Vinola
Mambo Italiano
Dale Don Dale
Limbo Fitness
Disco Samba
Moviendo Caderas
La Fórmula Sigue
Ven Bailalo
Hola Como Estas
Como Olvidar
Papi Chulo
Oye el Boom
La Banana
El Amante